libera/#neo900/ Sunday, 2018-09-16

houkimeooook... played with eeshow again today08:18
houkimekicad again surprised me08:18
houkime the thing i discovered is that there's a symlib table in .config/kicad08:19
houkimeand it actually holds the info about libs' whereabouts08:19
houkimenow the fun part08:20
houkimehow is someone supposed to view sch files on the other computer?08:20
houkimethere's a <projectname>-cache.lib generated inside the folder08:21
houkimeand it is sort of supposed to maintain viewability in cases wherethere's nothing except the project folder itself08:22
houkime+ there's a symlib table inside the project folder, but the trick is - it is incomplete08:24
houkimefor some REASON08:24
Joerg-Neo900the fun part starts where eeshow joggles with multiple git commit project versions which all have their very specific lib stuff they work with11:29
houkimeit's not really a problem11:29
Joerg-Neo900lib and cache*11:29
houkimeit does all operations independently for each commit11:30
Joerg-Neo900not as long as you keep ALL lib elements localy inside the project and save them in your git commit11:30
houkimewhich is exactly why having sym-lib-table in .config is extremely git-unfriendly. I'm not sure what devs are thinking about  and probably will need to tap into kicad code itself.11:34
houkimeit seems like git and shareability in general is not on the checlistt for them.11:36
houkimewhich makes me wish goodluck to horizon, librepcb etc.11:39
Joerg-Neo900aiui the sym-table been there in kicad4 already, and eeshow works with it. No need to mess up kicad itself. Actually if we had planned to modify kicad to integrate eeshow functions, the whole system design would look vasty different and would provide a lot of additional opportunities12:47
Joerg-Neo900kicad4 code is such a hair spaghetti ball that neither Werner nor anybody else dared to cope with it to integrate eeshow into kicad. In fact even kicad devels themselves see it exactly that way: "Beginning developer guide <" (and they had a Spaghetti_Bolognese based one, a year or two ago)13:02
houkimenope. there was a fp-lib-table. But not sym-lib table. just searched in the eeshow to be sure. the only symlib table functional is the one introduced by me (in my fork).16:19
houkimeit doesn't seem that eeshow did sth with fp-lib-tables either16:23
houkimewould be convenient since they are also stored in .config and have the same problem16:24
houkime*could have been16:24
houkimecurrent state is: it does work semi-ok if using cachelib (wpwrak says cache is not reliable enough), it successfully utilizes sym-lib-table that is inside project folder, it's just the file itself is not complete for some reason.16:28
houkimeso the simplest fix would be to force kicad to store full symlib-table inside the project folder instead of a partial one16:30
houkimeshould work then and also makes a lot of sense.16:31
houkimeone also could try tocheck .config folder also with eeshow, but this will result in bugs with git versioning since .config isnot in svc16:33
Joerg-Neo900the old "official" kicad developer starting guide video:
Joerg-Neo900zhere are project-wide and system(user)-wide lib lists, for footprints and for symnols23:10
Joerg-Neo900project overrides user-global overrides defaults23:10

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