libera/#neo900/ Thursday, 2018-11-22

pkircher@dos1 its already gone :(14:12
pkircherdid you manage to fetch the pdf ?14:12
pkircherthat one works for me14:15
dos1pkircher: both are still working here15:44
pkircherweird - well thank for the link anyway !15:45
lastaidhello there, i am uncertain if this is the right forum to ask this, but i am looking for information on how a smartphone gets it APN settings when you insert the sim card.  i am building an arm board with cellular data, but trying obscure wvdial settings cannot be the way, right?17:16
lastaidalso is your gps implementation on the neo just reading the nmea or is there a proper open source option out there which is also legal?17:17
Joerg-Neo900lastaid: APN - there are 3 concurrent options: 1) already programmed to your SIM  2) via local setting, for a modem prolly via AT commands (refer the AT command set manual in the download dos1 linked to above)  3) via a service SMS17:58
Joerg-Neo900GPS - we use the GPS implementation in modem and read out the NMEA, There are however several proper opensource GPS implementations out there17:59
Joerg-Neo900I'm not sure about legal aspects of those18:00
Joerg-Neo900I've seen one implementation using RTLSDR18:00
Joerg-Neo900and PC for all the heavy lifting18:01
siceloAPN - (4) via a database of APNs on disk. Maemo has it, nd even Network Manager has21:58

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