libera/#neo900/ Friday, 2018-11-23

Joerg-Neo900oooh? how does that work? the APN name & credentials are depemndong on data tariff you booked, and there's hardly any way to find out about that tariff from your SIM, Network, country, system...00:12
Joerg-Neo900depending* - AFAIK00:12
Joerg-Neo900do unless the sort key of such table was the tariff name and there was a requester popping up to ask user to select which tariff they use...00:13
Joerg-Neo900maybe useful (only did a cursory read):
Joerg-Neo900I think a very popular scheme nowadayxs is: carrier notices any new device based on IMEI, Carrier sends a silent configuration service SMS to set the APN, and other settings, to the correct values for this user / tariff and this device. Sometime the device may pop up a notifier informing user about the service SMS and some even allow to choose to either accept or reject it. But I guess more often nowadays they pass completely unnoticed00:28
siceloAPN rarely changes with tariff/plan (not sayng it doesn't). where they do, there tends to be a 'safe' default08:56
lastaidJoerg-Neo900: thank you :) I already found the database, the issue is that it is unreliable at times. mostly because isps are constantly updating those magic strings and numbers.09:30

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