libera/#neo900/ Thursday, 2018-11-29

NeoAkutaHi, guys, when phone will be ready for shipment?11:25
Joerg-Neo900NeoAkuta: right now the project is in stall since we lack a layouter and sufficient number of preorders13:17
NeoAkutaAlready waiting for when I can play with the device.13:28
hallynAnother update would be nice.  I don't think anyone dares to place a preorder now, with last update on being in march17:21
hallynFor a year or two, there was promise of other alternatives, which made pre-ordering feel less urgent17:22
hallynright now there is no other optoin, other than the possible kde phone.17:22
hallynso i think you can get orders.17:22
hallynheck, you might even try a linuxjournal article or something to reach more people.17:22
tunewhat does a "layouter" do?19:50
atkpositions component footprints and then lays traces20:10

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