libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2019-01-09

brolin_empeyKero: Do the Gemini and Cosmo have cellular telephony, cellular data, and SMS/MMS connectivity while running GNU+Linux?  Or only while running Android?08:40
brolin_empeyKero: Also, do you live in the Netherlands (judging by your host mask)?08:41
Kerobrolin_empey: wouldn't really know about telephony and such, since I have a wifi-only model16:34
Keroand I run android, despite my desire to run linux.16:35
KeroNL indeed16:35
xmnno desire to run sailfish?17:11
brolin_empeyKero: OK, I incorrectly assumed that you used your Gemini with cellular connectivity.  If you run Android then you run Linux because Linux is a kernel used by multiple operating systems, including both Android and GNU+Linux.  You can use the Debian GNU+Linux userland on Android.17:34

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