libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2019-01-16

jkeplerHello, who can I contact to confirm my SEPA payment came through for crowd-funding a downpayment for one Neo900? I sent the payment in June 2018, and have sent three messages via Neo900's website since then asking for confirmation that the payment was received.21:02
sixwheeledbeast^Was there not an email to send confirmation too?21:09
Joerg-Neo900the order form should have been taken down a while ago alreadyx21:51
Joerg-Neo900I will take care about that SEPA payment21:53
Joerg-Neo900not feeling like being dishonest to anybody about the chances of sourcing mech parts or reaching sufficient number of orders21:55
Joerg-Neo900jkepler: please see PM22:21

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