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brolin_empeyOksana: “AAA battery” does not specify the chemistry of the battery.01:50
brolin_empeyDocScrutinizer05: The Galaxy Note 5 and later have the battery sealed inside and difficult to access, which makes them unappealing to me.  My parents had to replace the battery in their Galaxy Note 4, which is the last in the Galaxy Note series to have an easily removable battery.  I bought a new genuine Samsung battery with NFC for only around 10 CAD on eBay including taxes and shipping.01:57
Joerg-Neo900yes, that sounds normal01:58
Joerg-Neo900did I state anything that sounded like I'd think otherwise?01:59
brolin_empeyI thought you were implying that the Neo900 is competing with or at least being compared to the Galaxy Note 9 but the difficult to remove battery of the Galaxy Note 5 and later is a deal breaker for persons like me.02:01
Joerg-Neo900no, I'm not directly comparing Neo900 to Note9, but Note9 shows what EE business looks like nowadays02:06
Joerg-Neo900I also wonder how many 100s of prototype spins Samsung needed to run on Note9 to finally reach a product that is working the way it does02:10
Oksanabrolin_empey : NiCd or NiMH, I still hope for "AAA battery" to be about 1.2V. Though yes, charger may need to be different for different chemistries?02:21
brolin_empeyOksana: I thought you were comparing an AAA battery to a lithium battery but “AAA battery” does not specify a battery chemistry so the comparison did not seem meaningful.02:24
OksanaAAA battery is very standard, in size and voltage. While lithium batteries are all very different, for different devices. Hence, I would expect a device working off AAA batteries to be easier to future-proof, in the long run.02:26
brolin_empey“9-volt” (actually PP something, where PP = Power Pack series) lithium batteries are available but general, tangible stores in my area seem to not carry them.  They are available for sale via mail order on the Internet, though.02:29
brolin_empeyIf I recall correctly, lithium AA or AAA batteries are available too because my company used them in at least one project if I recall correctly.02:30
DocScrutinizer05AAA is either Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, NiCd or NiMH04:29
DocScrutinizer05it's becoming more and more common to read user manual warnings like "don't use rechargeable batteries since they only have max 1.2V and will not work correctly with your device"04:30
Joerg-Neo900if you were to interview Linus T for a magazine, what would you ask him?04:57
brolin_empeyJoerg-Neo900: I briefly met him at a conference in Vancouver in 2011.07:39

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