libera/#neo900/ Friday, 2019-02-01

benny_deI'm searching for status update or information for the next steps of Neo900 project :)13:27
croxbenny_de, imho the project is more or less dead21:10
croxas you can see, the website is no longer accepting new orders21:11
benny_deyes, but there is no new news about this - so I hoped to get a better information here21:33
atkit's bad news all around21:46
atkthings went wrong and continued going wrong21:46
atkalthough Joerg-Neo900 has said some hopeful things about future projects now and again.21:46
atkSo you could say the project is in the process of death but might be followed by a rebirth21:46
atkdon't get your hopes up though21:47
atkit seems like hardware projects are ...]21:47
atkthey require money or luck to succeed21:48
atkprobably both21:48
DocScrutinizer51a lot of both21:49
DocScrutinizer51successor project look ed good economically for a maybe 3 monyhs21:49
atkeven that project for the EOMA computer21:51
atkdespite the success of the funding campaign21:51
atka lot of things had to be cut, and lots of compromises made21:51
DocScrutinizer51then turned out the VC folks based their plans on one (human) resource that wasn't available and been considered mandatory bz VC21:51
atkand still no delivery date21:51
atkhmm, would you look at that, it got an update TODAY of all days21:52
DocScrutinizer51and that was the last straw that broke my back21:52
atk - only about 2 years late so far21:52
hallynoh i thought you were saying got an update23:00
hallynreally at this point it seems to me i just want to buy any old hotspot from $network, and use a n900 style computer to do everything over that hotspot.  drop the cell network stuff from the device, just wifi.23:02

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