libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2019-02-13

atkthat's not really an imap problem, that's a poor instructions problem, the correct process is to create a new account and then just copy or move the mail from one to the other00:13
atkcomplaining that this doesn't work is like complaining that if you connect to a different database, the data is no longer there00:13
atkyour local IMAP mail is just a cache for this online database00:13
sixwheeledbeastYou would archive your IMAP locally if there was a concern of lost data at the server end.00:14
atkalthough in this instance, I am pretty sure they could have configured their imap server to act as if the clients had the most recent copy00:15
Joerg-Neo900yeah, there's one account that doesn't offer POP3, only IMAP. I got a filter rule that moves every mail to local folder on sync01:06
norlyJoerg-Neo900: maybe you could use something like fetchmail to backup your mail?01:18
norlyi haven't looked into fetchmail, but if it has a backup mode for imap, then you could keep a copy on the server01:19
sixwheeledbeastSurely most mail clients have this?01:27
Joerg-Neo900look, I don't WANT a copy on server. I'm pretty happy when all copies on servers are deleted so nobody can steal them01:30
Joerg-Neo900never had any such issues with my local machines01:30
Joerg-Neo900but two of my email account providers got hacked and emails leaked if they were still on servers01:31
Joerg-Neo900IMAP is an insane concept in my book01:31
norlyokay, in that case, POP3 is probably a good solution01:50
norlysorry to hear you had those experiences01:50
atkI can see how you wouldn't like imap if you didn't run your own email infrastructure.08:41
Joerg-Neo900funny? or sad? absurd?
Joerg-Neo900Linus, don't let us down! :-)11:20

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