libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2019-02-27

poorbeanhi everyone, i am newbie in hardware. Last mouth, I bank wire a neo900, but no act, i wrote two email to, but the action is also nothing. I only want to konw what do neo900 are.07:34
poorbeanwhat are neo900 doing?07:35
enycpoorbean: do stay logge into the hannel, you may eventually get an answer07:39
enycpoorbean: i belive, its' somewhat up in the air unlear, but better if Joerg-Neo900 DocScrutinizer51 etc. respond.07:40
DocScrutinizer05poorbean bank wired a payment to Neo900? hardly possible, the products shouldn't be available anymore08:02
DocScrutinizer05I really hope they didn't actually transfer a payment to the account, it will get used for taxes and fees entirely08:11
DocScrutinizer05at which point I can't even return the payment enamore08:12
DocScrutinizer05it's completely sufficient when I pay from my own private purse for that stuff, no Neo900 supporter should "waste" money on bank fees and taxes08:14
* enyc meows08:17
DocScrutinizer05hi enyc! thanks for answering08:18
siceloshould you not perhaps remove banking info from the site, or at least write a note to make it clear for people? about a week or so ago, someone in #maemo-leste also mentioned something about money for Neo90012:27
croxor even better, put some info about the current state of the project on the website :-)14:17
varu^ would be interested in this as i'm quite out of the loop at this point14:18
croxvaru: not enough orders, too late. imho it's unlikely that the project will reach it's goal to deliver a working neo900. but DocScrutinizer05  / Joerg-Neo900 is more qualified to answer this than I am.14:51
croxthe question pops us every now and then here, that's why I suggested to put the answer also on the website.14:51
Joerg-Neo900there shouldn't be any ordering/payment option on wbesite, since over a month already14:53
m3rcuryhello, is neo900 project dead?19:48

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