libera/#neo900/ Monday, 2019-03-18

flingWhere can I read about the progress?15:53
Joerg-Neo900fling: alas theer's no progress17:42
Joerg-Neo900fling: the "progress" we see is that it becomes more and more a mission impossible just to source parts we need, so evenif we would reach the needed number of preorders tomorrow, it would be questionable if the project is still feasible17:44
flingBad news!17:53
flingJoerg-Neo900: when has it failed?17:59
flingOr is there still a hope?18:00
Joerg-Neo900there's o exact point in time18:00
Joerg-Neo900I have very little hope for the project in its original form. A year ago I tried starting STEP2 with a VC partner and the plan was to give all Neo900 customers a free upgrade to STEP2. Or partial refund. Alas the VC partner had problems establishing their plans regarding financing and human resources18:02
Joerg-Neo900it was no earlier than summer last year when that became clear18:03
Joerg-Neo900and that STEP2 also is not completely dead yet and might resurrect any time18:03
Joerg-Neo900but... I'm getting older and more sad and tired every day18:04
enyccould any other VC partner come along, etc.18:04
Joerg-Neo900but eventually I will not be able to manage such project anymore. This might also get better when I find something completely different to recover from the last 5some years18:05
Joerg-Neo900right now it's literally the situation thjat I get more "stupid" every day, can't focus on a task longer than 5 minutes anymore etc. Burnout18:07
Joerg-Neo900wirst thing, I *forget* stuff, all the time18:08
Joerg-Neo900really sorry I got no better "news"18:09
pigeonswell, thanks for continued honesty19:32
xmnJoerg-Neo900: We all are getting older. And all have times of sadness, but I hope you don't get stuck in the sadness. I hope that the moment of happiness can out weigh the negative stuff.20:50
claponthi, everyone!21:12

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