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xmnstupid EU, doesn't understand how the internet works. Will be interesting how this pans out around the world.21:05
Joerg-Neo900and for a lil nice one: from 2021 on, European DST switching will be gone21:14
xmnyeah heard about that. Sad that everyone privacy is given for a few possible nut jobs.21:22
Joerg-Neo900I strongly doubt they may nuke Tor. Tor been used (even invented?) by authorities for their agents out there21:49
Joerg-Neo900so they don't reveal where they are located when reporting home21:49
Joerg-Neo900no CIA and no BND will allow this getting nuked21:50
xmnperhaps, more likely ban for everyone except gov officials.21:57
norlyxmn: but if nobody except gov officials will be using tor, then everybody using tor will clearly be a government official...22:08
norlythus we'll know who the gov officials are...22:08
Joerg-Neo900and the law is not about using but about running a Tor node22:23
xmnBut slipper slope22:25
xmnJoerg-Neo900: Didn't you post a link about cellular radio/baseban being made illegal in Germany?22:47
xmnI remeber hearing about some new law, but can't find anything about it. Perhaps I remember wrong.22:48
sixwheeledbeastSeems like Apple is losing the Qualcomm case. It's all going on this week.22:50
xmnyup 30 mil right?22:51
xmnthey should if they did.22:51
Joerg-Neo900xmn: baseband illegal? sorry please elaborate22:56
xmnSorry, don't have more. I thought I read an article about how EU or Germany is or considering a law that would ban people from modding or open sourcing the software/hardware for phones or was that just routers?22:59
Joerg-Neo900xmn: the modem radio stack firmware needs certification which includes proved assertion that IMEI is imutable. So the baseband firmware must not be modifiable by user which usually is achieved by checksumming and check of crypto-signature of the complete image. Often even every time on power-on, for sure anyway on flashing a new image23:44
Joerg-Neo900"routers" is a very faintly related topic.23:45
Joerg-Neo900a relatively recent EU regulation forbids messing around with firmware for WLAN radio stack - much similar and for same reasons as WWAN/celmo.23:46
xmnmaybe that was it which will ruin the wrt type software dev in the eu at least23:47
Joerg-Neo900however many of the WLAN chipsets are not equipped for support of a similar scheme of crypto-signing the firmware image. So manufs may do - and some even have done - lock down and sign etc the *complete* router OS23:48
Joerg-Neo900yes, this is exactly the concern with the latter - it will kill all WRT-alike FOSS development23:49
Joerg-Neo900did this answer your question?23:49
Joerg-Neo900for an example of the consequences, refer to AVM Fritzbox which got "tivoized" since IIRC OS release v.6 - around a 2 years ago now23:52
xmnYeah, thank man!23:52
Joerg-Neo900yw :-)23:52
Joerg-Neo900Fritzbox luckily is "unbrickable" in a sense that you can recover from completely messed-up firmware, by flashing a recovery-image that's supposed to *always* succeed. So you can downgrade to FritzOS v.5 which is not yet tivoized, then from there on install your Freetz or whatever you prefer firmware image23:55
Joerg-Neo900no idea if this applies to the more recent Fritzbox hw platforms, though23:55
Joerg-Neo900basically Fritzbox went from my "recommended 'open' hardware" list to the "steer clear! you got to fight the manufacturer's lockdown-measures about who owns the device" pne23:58

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