libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2019-03-27

xmnyeah, I don't understand how law makers make laws when these devices have a long history of security issue that are never or rarely updated.00:05
xmnI also know that many of the developers for the open system come from Europe.00:06
Joerg-Neo900seeing how the wiki, changelog, whatnot else, all seems to be in zombie state since several years, you wouldn't expect
Joerg-Neo900re §13 I just heard a perspective that didn't occur to me at all yet: instead of trying to comply with §13 by installing upload filters, sites migth opt for simply denying *read* access for any users with EU geo-located IPs  :-o01:27
xmnat least smaller sites01:28
Joerg-Neo900IANAL, so no idea at all how an EU authority would prosecute a site based on which particular 'crime' - no idea particularly if blocking EU IPs would help defeat that01:30
claponthi everyone17:23

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