libera/#neo900/ Monday, 2019-04-01

poorbeani bank wired for buying the neo900 from China last about 2 mouth, which time i can recieve my neo900?05:38
Joerg-Neo900poorbean: there's no purchase option on the website any more since over 2 months. And I didn't see any inbound payment either, quite in line with this since it should not be possible to transfer money to the Neo900 UG any more. Alas the Neo900 development got stuck at a deadend point between lack of layouters and lack of sufficient number of preorders, so a finalizing of development and start of production seems unlikely right now, regardless05:43
Joerg-Neo900of possibkle changes IF any venture capital would come in to tackle a variant called STEP2 that's not based on N900 anymore. U will check again if any inbound payment shows up and will refund it to you in case I find such transfer05:43
poorbeani want to get neo900 exactly. But you may know, in China, the family name is first name, not last name. i booked the neo900 first, and bank wired last. So my name in bank wired and in booked item is diffrent. I don't kown what can I do it?06:01
poorbeanBy the way I sent much email to your email box even, but no email is received until now?06:05
Joerg-Neo900sorry for the email issue, the account is almost unfunctional due to lots of SPAM. I'll have a second look for any inbound transfer during last 2 months but so far there been literally none06:08
poorbeanCan we make a private conversation?06:11
Joerg-Neo900oh, I opened a /query to you, please find it on another window or tab of your IRC client06:19
Joerg-Neo900please type:06:21
Joerg-Neo900/query Joerg-Neo90006:21
Joerg-Neo900I found an inbound payment, please let's discuss the details in private chat06:22
Joerg-Neo900anyway you might have missed the part that - when the Neo900 product still been an item in webshop -said >>This is a PARTIAL FUNDING (ca 40% partial advance payment, a deposit towards the higher final price)!<<06:26
Joerg-Neo900right inder the headline product description >>PARTIAL FUNDING (ca 40% partial payment) towards a complete Neo900 device.<<06:28
Joerg-Neo900poorbean: you're still around and listening?06:29
Joerg-Neo900how may I help?06:37
poorbeanmy irc is not good, can you add me agina, thank you!06:38
poorbeanprivate conversation06:38
Joerg-Neo900I'll /query you again, but please first you try typing (literally):06:39
Joerg-Neo900/query Joerg-Neo90006:39
Joerg-Neo900which should open a new tab or window to chat with me directly06:40

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