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OksanaRegarding >> tight. 2013-11-02 Feasibility Study Neo900; Patent Filed: Jun 14, 2013. Then otoh while Neo900 always did cover the monitoring methods GSMK discribes in their patent (even before the patent got filed), we also go way beyond that approach, employing dedicated monitor hardware <<08:28
OksanaFirst, I do not understand, is it second of November, or 11th of February? If the latter, then fighting >> this patent << is probably feasible.08:29
OksanaEither way, this patent describes an algorithm that automagically detects suspicious activities and enacts defense measures. In Neo900, autmagic isn't necessary - user may manually decide whether to disable modem or not.08:35
OksanaAnd, patent's "baseband monitor" doesn't monitor modem's antenna - it monitors things like power consumption. Arrgh, "It has to be noted that this list is not limited to the listed options." takes care of that.08:37
OksanaSo far, the easiest way out of the patent is a mobile phone which has only baseband processor, no application processor - see
Joerg-Neo900YYYY-MM-DD   ISO23:35
Joerg-Neo900so November23:35
Joerg-Neo900the patent describes a design that employs AP and BB to fight threats coming in OTA, while Neo900 is a completely different approach treating BB as a rogue blackbox and sandboxing it, with absolutely zero trust in any info the BB provides deliberately23:38
Joerg-Neo900then otoh the patent also has no complete trust even in own APE, yet assumes a process on APE could reliably detect any unusual behavior. In my book that's a paradox23:39
Joerg-Neo900Neo900 assumes APE is 100% trustworthy as long as user doesn'T compromise its integrity. While BaseBand is a rogue blackbox23:40
Joerg-Neo900^^^ is the reason why we don't need hw switches23:41
Joerg-Neo900if your APE is so terribly tken over that you can't know if your software controlled transistor behaves the way it's supposed to, to power down the modem, then you got worse problems than a modem that'S not powered down23:42
Joerg-Neo900yet Neo900 would still let user know about even that totally pathological situation, by shining a "powered-up" LED that's not supposed to shine23:43

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