libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2019-05-15

OksanaDocScrutinizer05: I am guessing that I would need to switch off N900 (and possibly take out the battery?) before removing antenna and seeing the state of contact point with the C-spring. Or would it be sufficient to go into offline mode instead of switching off N900?..03:36
Joerg-Neo900the latter, as long as you manage to remove antenna without complete assembly04:54
Joerg-Neo900Oksana: ^^^04:54
Joerg-Neo900and thanks for your reasonable post on some pretty emotional rant thread. What a silly idea to nuke parts of a forum because ... yeah why? Because some dude doesn't want to see it anymore? Then I'd suggest not looking that direction04:56
Joerg-Neo900you as well could ask for complete tmo getting binned because nobody using Tor can visit it04:58
paul_boddie"What a silly idea to nuke parts of a forum because ... yeah why? Because some dude doesn't want to see it anymore?"16:24
paul_boddieThat would be the buffoon who moaned and nagged about Neo900 "needing" to use PayPal, I guess.16:25
paul_boddieIt's really unfortunate to hear that the plans with PIA didn't lead anywhere in the end.16:26
Joerg-Neo900EU legislation regulates call pricing: max 0.19€/minute for *any* calls in EU to/from cellphones, max 0.06€ per 160char SMS. In effect today17:48
Joerg-Neo900paul_boddie: (unfortunate) yeah17:48
paul_boddieAbout pricing: about <insert expletive> time. Shame that the operators all target "data whales" with their products now, though.17:49
paul_boddieI got into a rant about Free Software on mobile again recently. It doesn't help that I was looking at viable phones and found practically zero.17:50
paul_boddieOne vendor that came up in discussion was this one:
paul_boddieLike Fairphone but German and still learning the same lessons about the software, it seems.17:51
paul_boddieReally disheartening to find that the best the glorious market has to offer is something that *maybe* runs LineageOS if the planets are in alignment.17:53
dazinismMaybe worth checking out new wave of AOSP forks GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, HashbangOS and RattlesnakeOS18:16
dazinismCurrently only on Pixel phones, but CalyxOS is working on support for Mi A2 & GrapheneOS hopes to also support a less expensive  phone soon(ish?)18:18
paul_boddieThe problem is that few of these Android forks ever really get beyond Pixel support, as far as I can tell.18:19
paul_boddieSo there's a brief flash of relevant premium product support and then browsing these Web sites is like looking at a museum catalogue.18:21
paul_boddieAdmittedly, Mi A2 is not premium, but then one reads all sorts of things about Xiaomi, unlocking, unhappy customers, and so on.18:21
dazinismAll these require phones that get regular security updates from phone vendor and device  support for verified boot with an alternative OS18:21
paul_boddieYes, if it isn't one thing then it's another. The planets must be in alignment.18:22
dazinismNot many phones offer this.  Android One phones bring a commitment from manufacturers for regular updates18:22
paul_boddieI guess Android One is another Google figleaf, covering over the unsustainability of the mobile industry.18:24
dazinism> The planets must be in alignment.18:25
dazinismNeed to buy the right device18:25
paul_boddie(Honest speculation: I don't follow Android development.)18:25
paul_boddieWhat is the right device? Honest question.18:25
dazinismThe pixel 3a makes price a bit more affordable. So far none of these OSs support them, but I expect it will come.18:25
dazinismGuess need to watch these OSs and see what devices get support.18:26
paul_boddiePixel devices aren't available where I live: it's all Google Home Surveillance.18:27
dazinismI think android one is a genuine attempt to provide less rubbish android devices.18:28
paul_boddie$399, apparently. Well, not the usual gold-plated stuff, I suppose.18:28
paul_boddieI think that if anything from Google were genuine, they would decisively deal with the unsustainable software and hardware stack.18:29
paul_boddieBut I imagine that they just find a way for the SoC vendors to deploy their blobs for a bit longer than usual.18:29
paul_boddieStill, if any of the open hardware phone projects succeeds, even without a full software stack, maybe that will provide a workable platform for general software development.18:34
claponthi, everyone!19:49

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