libera/#neo900/ Sunday, 2019-05-26

Joerg-Neo900warm up in your oven to maybe 120 or 140°C. Then use hot air with - don't know - 250°C or a tad more I guess. Use tweezers to *twist* the LED off its pads. NEVER lift a component off the PCB, odds are ypu'll tear off the copper reaces / pads in 9 out of 10 tries01:42
Joerg-Neo900twist or slide compnent out of place so it doesn't fit on the pads of footprint anymore. Then it's safe to lift off01:43
Joerg-Neo900sixwheeledbeast: ^^^01:44
Joerg-Neo900off topic: HAHA firefox multimenu (bug on Ctr+Shift+PgDwn) with focus on current tab tab (Alt+D; Shift+Tab until focus on tab)
sixwheeledbeastFF has changed private mode in FF67 (which I have used since forever) now private mode is asking if I want to store passwords and if I want to use my addons in private. Grrr...08:48
sixwheeledbeastextensions.allowPrivateBrowsingByDefault fixes addons, but I have no clue about the annoying password asking08:53
xmnyou should be able to change the setting in the add-on managers by clicking on the run in private windows no? Just say yah or nay.09:05
sixwheeledbeastyes but everytime you install one it asks...09:06
xmnall I see what your saying09:06
sixwheeledbeastjust like everytime you put your password on a new site you have to click never save...09:06
xmnIt may be annoy, but FF is going for the privacy stance so it make sense.09:06
sixwheeledbeastIt's private mode why are passwords even saved09:08
sixwheeledbeastre privacy09:08
xmnyeah don't get that one.09:08
xmnmaybe cause they are pushing you to use private mode all the time09:08
sixwheeledbeastI have done for many years it was fine. if you don't dismiss the password prompt you can locate your username and password length, not exactly secure by default.09:10
xmnI hear yah, which is why I never use the built in browser PassMngr09:12
sixwheeledbeastexactly, one of the reasons I use private mode in the first place...09:13
sixwheeledbeastI was successful with my SMD repair. Heat gun for a few minutes, normal iron heated both pads twice and it came right off. Tested with meter, resoldered the correct way while holding with normal tweezers, job done. Not the nicest looking solder blobs on the pads but solid and functional.13:39
sixwheeledbeastI assume the SMD machine floated the LED on wrong when manufactured.13:40

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