libera/#neo900/ Thursday, 2019-06-13

Oksanasicelo: For starters, anybody who manufacturers anything with HDMI (port, cable, anything) has to pay fees to HDMI company.03:24
sixwheeledbeastI think micro HDMI failure rate is terrible. I agree about trying to use other connectors for licensing reasons, unfortunately it's the standard connector I don't think it will change for now.09:06
Oksanasixwheeledbeast: To use a different connector, the nice option is to have CPU and GPU separate from each other. And replace-able GPU, on PCIe card or whatever?09:09
sixwheeledbeastI am speaking generally not just mobile.09:10
OksanaYes, I am speaking generally too. Mobile phones are just so tiny that I don't think anybody would ever fit a GPU into a tiny removable card, microSD-size-ish.09:11
OksanaGranted, M.2 connector looks promising - for tablets/laptops, at least. It includes PCI Express, so it can be used for GPU? And it's tiny, tinier than a typical WiFi card in a laptop?09:14
sixwheeledbeastIt's possible with enough thought however I doubt it would happen. I can only think of one laptop with a modular GPU so odds are slim on phones or tablets.09:20

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