libera/#neo900/ Sunday, 2019-06-16

benny_deis the Neo900 dead or is there a chance to get in near future a free and open mobile communication device? :)11:05
atkI think the end of the Neo900 thread on gives a lot of information on the state of the project.11:12
atkBut in short - pretty dead.11:12
atkas with all things in life, sometimes things don't go to plan11:13
atkin this case a lot of things didn't go as planned11:13
benny_de:( thanks for the information11:25
benny_deI use still my Nokia N95 - I do not want to change to Apple or Google world...11:25
benny_deI want open hardware / open software - like debian GNU/Linux - I want to be root at my own hardware11:26

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