libera/#neo900/ Tuesday, 2019-06-25

Oksanasicelo: Telepathy-idle? :-)02:29
sicelono, irssi.08:40
claponthi everyone!14:52
xmnHey maemo fam, I could use some help. My n900 thinks that the keyboard is always open. I've not been able to track down why this is happening. But even on reboot it thinks it's open and activates bootmenu. Any insight would be great. thx22:51
dos1xmn: AFAIR the sensor that detects whether the keyboard is open or not is magnetic. sounds like you may have lost or displaced magnet there22:55
sixwheeledbeastYou can test with terminal if it is hardware or software.22:55
sixwheeledbeastoh you posted in maemo tto22:56
xmnyeah hitting as wide of a audeance as possible. This is really pushing my buttons :(22:57
xmndos1: Hmm someone mentioned that too.22:58
xmnWhere is that one located?22:58
xmnWill look into this more dos1 thx23:00

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