libera/#neo900/ Friday, 2019-07-05

OksanaWhen doing make pull for ee-full, I get "fped: command not found". What is fped and where to get it from?..07:33
Joerg-Neo900indeed I miss a link to fped :-/09:01
OksanaJoerg-Neo900: Where can fped be found? ;-)09:05
Joerg-Neo900Oksana: in debian but that's a hopelessly obsolete version09:05
infobotwell, fped is git://, or DONT USE the obsolete premade DOWNLOADS09:09
Joerg-Neo900there you are09:09
OksanaJoerg-Neo900: Tried compiling by , got error about lack of gtk/gtk.h . What is the build dependency?09:11
Joerg-Neo900sorry, no idea09:12
Joerg-Neo900I think it's not too hard to find some gtk-devel or similar package09:39
Joerg-Neo900the package names differ slightly between distros, particularly apt vs RPM based ones09:41
Joerg-Neo900and possibly ubuntu introduces a third naming variant09:41
Joerg-Neo900I just do a "search and guess, iterate" approach09:43
Joerg-Neo900Oksana: ^^^09:55
Joerg-Neo900Oksana: actually is prett<y verbose on this: Building  Prerequisites: - Gtk+ 2.x development package (libgtk2.0-dev or similar)09:58
Joerg-Neo900Oksana: due to the names slightly differing between distros, the instructions are as good as it gets and shouldn't create any problems really10:01
Joerg-Neo900 apt-cache search '^libgtk[^ ]*dev'10:07
* Joerg-Neo900 ponders writing a job with "AI based on heuristics" to automatically find and install all the pkgs needed to satisfy dependencies of arbitrary pkg10:08
Joerg-Neo900just compile, grab the error msg and start a apt-cache search on that $error-missing-pkgname, then install, compile again and see if error vanished. If no, install next pkg found in step2 by apt-cache search. Continue until build succeeds. Then make clean, remove first of the list of installed pkgs and check if compiling fails now? IF YES: reinstall removed pkg ENDIF LOOP next pkg on list10:15
paul_boddieOksana: fped builds just fine in Debian Buster (testing) with the right packages installed.16:57
paul_boddieI have looked into updating the packaging, copying wpwrak and xiangfu in on the mails to the most likely home of this package to get advice.16:58

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