libera/#neo900/ Tuesday, 2019-07-30

houkimeplaced MOD and AUX LEDs. Tomorrow will place KBD LEDs00:34
houkimeand also tomorrow will fix the keyboard keys order. Good night folks.00:46
OksanaWow, MOXVAR vs tranzorbs sounds interesting. Is it possible to replace the former with the latter at home, post-purchase? Or is it something that cannot be fixed once a manufacturer makes the choice to go cheap? These things sound tiny...02:08
DocScrutinizer05Oksana: it IS possible to replace the former with the latter at home, post-purchase02:28
DocScrutinizer05the gain however is questionable. MOX age with each surge and start leaking current but that will have impact only when the device stops detecting buttons or the like02:29
OksanaDocScrutinizer05: Sounds nice. Is it possible to do so after MOXVAR stops working? And how to see that is stopped working? For example, capacitors usually have a hole in them when they have broken down entirely/exploded.02:30
DocScrutinizer05MOX simply sinter together and thus turn from VAR to resistor02:30
DocScrutinizer05the footprint for MOX should fit tranzorbs usually02:32
Joerg-Neo900dang, sorry, connection problems02:33
DocScrutinizer05MOX simply sinter together and thus turn from VAR to resistor02:34
DocScrutinizer05the footprint for MOX should fit tranzorbs usually02:34
* Oksana guesses that multimeter would be able to tell the difference between varistor and resistor, should such a question arise; but diagnostics can be fairly difficult for multi-component devices such as mobile phones02:38
izaberamy boyfriend is a bit of a nerd and likes his baseband modems isolated from the rest11:58
izaberathus he invested in the neo90011:58
izaberai'd like to buy him a modern smartphone, or something close to it11:59
izaberaand i'm considering the upcoming librem 511:59
izaberawhat are your opinions on it?11:59
izaberai'm not as much of a nerd and i might need a dumbed-down explanation12:02
enycizabera: asknig good qusetion but wait for a bit ;p many peopl ecom and go on here12:16
houkimeok, prepared a better transform from bareboard N900 scan to UPPER. After a bit of hunting down stray numbers discrepancy went down to around 0.02mm, should be ok for keyboard LEDs.14:03
houkimethis transform used 6 holes in the pcb as anchors14:04
houkimemore in line with rest of the transforms i use (but for some reason for bareboard i previously used worse one)14:05
houkime(transforming between different sources of geometrical info and making things align is probably the most tedious part of neo900 job)14:07
houkime(you basically need to work simultaneously with v1 board, with case scans, with wpwrak's contact microscope shots, and with optical shots of N900 original board)14:09
houkime(and also you need for UPPER to align connectors and stuff with LOWER, and kicad STILL doesn't have grouping to fix in place translation of one part relative to another)14:12
houkimemeasured positions and angles of kbd leds. time for placement.16:00
houkimeKBD LEDs placed16:43
houkimeok, now to fix a keyboard layout16:44
norlyhoukime: thanks for your work!18:42
houkimenorly, appreciated.18:44
houkimeKeyboard layout fixed and double checked.20:30
izaberaif i can bump my question from 10 hours ago, what do you guys think of the librem 5?21:54
xmnI think the L5 is fine. Nothing crazy or really horrible, I do like that they give your the choice of Baseband. I think the pinephone is making this phones hardware harder to justify though.21:59
bencohwait, which one is "harder to justify"?22:06
xmnpine is 200 runs everything L5 runs (I think) and even may have hardware switches.22:09
xmnSo the L522:09

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