libera/#neo900/ Thursday, 2019-08-22

WikiwideWhat kind of Li-Ion battery has nominal voltage of 3.8V and charging voltage of 4.35V? Don't normal batteries have 3.7V and 4.2V?13:21
WikiwideIs it safe to charge 3.8V battery with a charger intended for ordinary 3.7V batteries?13:23
bencohWikiwide: actually at $job we recently moved from 4.2V batteries to 4.35V batteries14:22
bencoh(unfortunately I have no idea in which way they differs)14:22
bencoh(and I don't think our hardware guys know either)14:22
WikiwideWow! So, can they be charged by old chargers?14:22
bencohour "old charger" (read: charger chip, like the bq24250 in n900) can just be configured to charge at a different voltage14:23
bencoh(just like the one in the droid4, btw)14:23
bencohexcept ours properly detects end-of-charge by measuring battery current14:24
bencohwhat's more, Vsys and battery aren't directly connected. Our charger has 3 rails: input (usb/vbus), output (Vsys), and input/output (battery)14:25
bencohthat means current to/from battery is different than system current14:25
WikiwideHuh, alright. Makes sense.14:26
bencohnowadays in most phones (at least in most if not all samsung phones, at least), battery is directly connected to Vsys14:26
bencohand charger basically supplies current to the {system,battery} rail14:26
WikiwideBut no idea how to fix charging port of Samsung Galaxy J3. Or how to charge its battery.14:26
WikiwideBattery and Vsys have to be different if one is to use phone with charger without battery, right?14:30

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