libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2019-10-23

rhombusHi everybody23:09
rhombusThe N900 I have been using since March 2017 has signs of a fault. The screen spontaneously lights up.23:11
rhombusI think it might be an issue with the slider switch. I dropped the phone while it was open about 10 days ago.23:11
rhombusHas anyone seen this before? Do you have any advice?23:13
rhombus... and while I'm at it, I wanted to ask: What's the status of the Neo900 project?23:13
rhombusOh, sorry. I just read the status post.23:19
rhombusThat's a shame.23:19
sixwheeledbeastI believe the slider has a magnet to trigger open close state.23:39
rhombussixwheeledbeast:let me be more precise about what I am observing23:40
rhombussixwheeledbeast: so i often activate the screen with the small slider switch on the right hand side of the device23:40
sixwheeledbeastthat is the lockswitch23:41
rhombusah, ok23:41
rhombusThat is the switch that seems to be misbehaving23:41
rhombusbut I can't be sure23:41
sixwheeledbeastif you open the keyboard slider the same thing would happen too23:42
rhombusok, so I just pulled on the lockswitch23:42
rhombusand the screen lit up for about three seconds, then went dark again23:42
rhombusdid it again and the screen stayed illuminated for only one second23:42
sixwheeledbeastMaybe you can log the state of the hardware inputs to check correct operation23:43
sixwheeledbeastscreen timeout should be consistent23:43
rhombusthat's why I suspect that the hardware is receiving a signal, I don't think this is a timeout23:44
rhombusI also get the opposite behaviour sometimes23:44
rhombusThe screen is lit, then I lock it, then it spontaneously lights up again23:44
sixwheeledbeastIt could be possible that the light sensor is changing the backlight?23:45
rhombusWould I expect the screen to go dark if I cover the light sensor?23:45
sixwheeledbeastIt depends on what is happening, there is a difference between screen backlight and a blank locked screen23:45
rhombusEven if I am not calling?23:45
sixwheeledbeastyes light sensor controls display backlight23:46
sixwheeledbeastand also disables screen in a call23:46
rhombusok, if so, it's not having any effect on my phone23:46
rhombusa dumb question -- this phone doesn't have two cameras, does it? The eye I see on the display side is the light sensor, correct?23:47
sixwheeledbeastif you make a call and cover the light sensor with your thumb it should blank the screen23:47
sixwheeledbeastfront and back cameras23:47
rhombusyes, that worked the last I checked (blanking during call)23:47
rhombushow do i use the back camera?23:48
sixwheeledbeastlight sensor is the smaller blob to the side of the camera23:48
sixwheeledbeastback camera is behind the slide cover23:48
rhombusok, sorry, the front camera then :)23:48
rhombushow do I use the front camera?23:48
sixwheeledbeastnot much uses it23:49
rhombusso the regular camera app doesn't use it?23:49
sixwheeledbeastvideo calling and there was a mirror app at some point. It's pretty pants camera.23:49
rhombusok, I just locked the phone, put it down, and after about 5 seconds, it lit up again and remains lit23:50
sixwheeledbeastyou can likely call the video output from a terminal somehow.23:50
rhombusok, now it is gone dark again23:50
rhombusthis is reminiscent of a loose contact23:50
sixwheeledbeastblank or backlight off?23:50
rhombusblank, as far as I can tell23:51
sixwheeledbeastif it's completely blank I would assume the slider switch or keyboard slider23:52
rhombusI did drop the phone while it was open about 10 days ago, but I didn't notice this problem until today23:53
sixwheeledbeastif you do the same but when it lights up tap the screen and see if it blanks23:53
rhombusso unlock it and then when it lights up, tap the screen?23:53
sixwheeledbeastIf it's the keyboard the display will not lock if it's the lockswitch it will lock23:53
sixwheeledbeastlock it, when it does the fault of unlocking itself tap the screen23:54
rhombusah, ok23:54
rhombushang on23:54
rhombusok, I just locked it, and then about two seconds later the screen flickered about 5 times in succession23:55
sixwheeledbeastyou would need to tap the screen while it's lit up.23:56
rhombusok, I just locked it again, then it lit up, when I tapped the screen, the desktop settings widget appeared in the upper right hand corner23:56
sixwheeledbeastand the device hasn't locked itself again?23:56
rhombusIf by locking you mean the screen going blank and not responding to input, it does do that if I wait long enough23:57
sixwheeledbeastyes but that will be the lock timeout like 30 seconds?23:58
rhombusit's more like 1023:59
sixwheeledbeastI mean the device doesn't lock and unlock itself quickly like the fault anyway23:59

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