libera/#neo900/ Thursday, 2019-10-24

sixwheeledbeastbacklight timeout can be set to 10 seconds so it's possible00:00
rhombusI think I set it to 10 s00:00
rhombusyeah, this is the timeout00:00
rhombusthe backlight fades, then goes out00:00
sixwheeledbeastRight well from what you have said i believe the keyboard slide sensor is playing up00:00
rhombusok, that's what I suspected00:01
sixwheeledbeastyou can try to read the state to confirm00:01
rhombusgiven that I dropped it while open -- not hard, mind you, but still00:01
rhombushow do I do that?00:01
infoboti guess beasttweaks is
sixwheeledbeastwhile true; do cat /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/slide/state; done00:01
sixwheeledbeastthe above in a terminal will show the live state00:02
rhombusthis is great!00:03
sixwheeledbeastusual bash Ctrl+C to kill00:04
rhombusthe slider switch seems to be fine00:04
rhombuswhen it is open, it reads open, when it is closed, it reads closed00:04
rhombusso it must be the lockswitch, right?00:05
rhombusIs there any way to read that out?00:05
sixwheeledbeastpossibly I have never tried because the screen would blank00:05
rhombusright, that does make it hard00:06
rhombusok, I was just trying to use the phone via the display and it went blank :/00:06
sixwheeledbeastalso the days of using my lockswitch are long gone00:09
rhombusyou don't use your lockswitch? why not?00:09
sixwheeledbeastIt's been completely flat for about 4 years so impractical to use. I have a way to use the camera button to lock00:10
rhombusok, in the gpio-switch directory there is a kb_lock device. Could that be it?00:11
sixwheeledbeastyes. you may see the state on the display if you look at the screen quick enough00:12
sixwheeledbeastmy wiki page also has proximity state and back cover if you need those.00:13
sixwheeledbeastmaybe the tv out would show the display if locked I can't remember.00:13
rhombusI could dump the cat to a file00:14
sixwheeledbeastyep that too00:14
sixwheeledbeastbut you have no timing to compare to00:14
rhombusI was just thinking about how I could timestamp it :)00:15
sixwheeledbeastYou could look at dmesg too for these00:16
rhombusah, yes!00:16
rhombusthis is funny, now that I am watching this device, the problem has not reoccured.00:18
rhombusactivating the lockswitch gives "closed" then "open"00:19
rhombusI'm guessing it shows "closed" only if the lockswitch is held depressed00:20
rhombusweird, it appears to be behaving again00:22
rhombusmaybe all this opening and closing of slide and lockswitch cleaned something out?00:22
sixwheeledbeastwell now you have the tools to debug in the future. you could also look in the logs history. i have never had the keyboard slider apart to know if thats possible00:23
rhombusah ha00:23
rhombusI could reproduce it again00:23
rhombusIn dmesg I get this: [9261.323791]  kb_lock (GPIO 113) is now closed00:25
rhombus[9262.863067]   kb_lock (GPIO 113) is now open00:25
rhombus[9262.894226]   kb_lock (GPIO 113) is now closed00:26
rhombusthat's 31 ms00:26
rhombusMaybe there is just some crap in the switch00:27
rhombusI do carry the phone in my pocket and there is considerable dust behind the battery plate.00:28
rhombusI might try some compressed air.00:28
rhombusBut thanks for all the hardware device file tips, that is immensely helpful!00:29
rhombussixwheeledbeast: thanks again for all your help, I appreciate it a lot!00:39

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