libera/#neo900/ Friday, 2019-11-29

Joerg-Neo900Oksana: what's wrong with Qt?02:47
Joerg-Neo900I mean, I know a lot of things that actually are flawed in Qt, but which is the point for you to dislike it?02:48
OksanaJoerg-Neo900: Hildon is written on top of Gtk2+ (in Leste, on top of Gtk3+). Applications intended for being run with Hildon should (ideally) be built on top of Hildon (where frontend is concerned), not on top of raw-Gtk, Qt, Enlightenment, or something else. For theme compatibility, if nothing else; to decrease RAM usage; to improve consistency...03:24
OksanaOn laptop, I do not run Hildon (yet?), but I still prefer Gtk front-end (and old-fashionedly, Gtk2+ at that).03:25
Joerg-Neo900aah well, Qt been officially supported by Nokia for N900 / fremantle08:50
Joerg-Neo900I think even a few genuine Nokia fremantle apps were written in Qt. I might be wrong08:50
sixwheeledbeastDefine genuine? From what I recall Qt is an additional dependency in PR1.3, but when you upgrade to CSSU it's is pulled in with the meta-package. Possibly CSSU has something? Qt was very well integrated into Maemo with theme support and the SDK made it a popular option for development.09:49
sicelono stock application was Qt iirc. But lots of communuty applications were, as well as replacements for stock applications, e.g. OpenMediaPlayer, Qalendar10:56

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