libera/#neo900/ Monday, 2020-02-17

claponthi, everyone!22:17
clapontsicelo: isn't holiday in US? :-)22:18
sicelono idea ;)22:18
* sicelo is from (and in) Eswatini22:18
clapontwow... I heard on some news that you've got some snow lately; is it true?22:20
siceloyou mean the US?22:20
clapontno, no... you said about Swaziland22:21
siceloyes I'm in Swaziland ... since we're in the South, it's hot season. Actually Eswatini rarely gets snow22:22
siceloin the last 30 years, it has only fallen 5 times max22:22
sicelowhere you're from yourself?22:22
clapontrarely?? so it is true then? Snow in Africa? it seems a joke for me.. lions and tigers playing on snow :-))))22:23
clapontI'm in Europe and we have this warm winter with only a bit of snow... but Africa it's Africa22:23
sicelomaybe you should visit Africa some day, and see the lions and tigers for yourself :p22:24
clapont:-)) thank you but I care about my skin :-) I prefer everyone to live in peace wherever they are22:25
sicelovery well22:26
clapontI also believe that one can achieve peace and happyness in one proper place, not in travelling wordlwide. it is interesting, yes, but energy consuming too. after a while you is good to fix a goal in life and follow it22:27

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