libera/#neo900/ Friday, 2020-05-08

nebbHi, is there any point in buying a N900 now? I just read Joerg's post of it being dead. So is the current hardware/software somehow usable?02:09
nebbIf someone want a cheap one, I might have one :)02:10 if connection drops or u want to connect02:14
Oksananebb: Current hardware is perfectly usable (at least, as long as 3G network is still available, and N900 itself doesn't have a problem - such as, SIM card not detected). I personally have switched to Fxtec Pro1 simply because my last Nokia N900 stopped detecting SIM card.02:34
OksanaAdding a piece of cardboard in helped, for a short while. But not for long.02:35
* Oksana personally dreams of a tiny, medallion-like display-less mobile phone which is water-proof and fire-proof. Tiny and fire-proof is a contradiction, because a tiny device cannot fit much insulation inside. So, electronics would have to be quite different - troublesome, in short.02:37
sixwheeledbeastFireproof? If your wearing the device and your on fire the device is the last of your worries?10:26
norlydoes anyone know whether the skype client built into the N900 is still functional?20:07
ShadowJKDoesn't seem to work on mine. iirc microsoft killed off the skype p2p protocol a year or two ago20:09
Paliit already stopped working20:09
norlyi was just curious because that seemed to keep working despite all the protocol changes and sunsetting of old clients20:11
sixwheeledbeastmaybe skype via purple would work?20:17
norlymaybe, but i just wanted to know about the binary blob. i'm not using skype myself, i just noticed that people reported it still working many years later20:29

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