libera/#neo900/ Tuesday, 2020-09-15

* Oksana waves04:10
* enyc meows Oksana 05:26
* enyc ponders what is neo900's spiritual-successor ;p05:26
OksanaSo far, Fxtec with its Pro1. But Sailfish OS is a poor thing, flawed due to lack of well-designed apps. Being a stowaway with libhybris isn't the greatest part, either.10:01
sixwheeledbeastThere isn't one10:24
sixwheeledbeastIt's looking like the closest thing this decade maybe the pine if they do release the keyboard version they hinted at.10:25
sixwheeledbeastit does seem a sensible solution having a replacement backcover for keyboard then you have the option for either device10:30
sixwheeledbeastvery different to the n900 where the mainboard and domepad where together and display unit separate.10:31
sixwheeledbeastleste still isn't fremantle tho but we'll see.10:32
sicelohelp us/them13:13
siceloi love Leste for staying as true as possible to Fremantle13:13
sicelothey've got Qt working now (Qt5)13:14
sicelofmg is almost done with osso-abook, so Leste should quite soon have the same contacts/phone/sync integration as Fremantle had13:16
sixwheeledbeastYer it wasn't meant to sound negative.13:58
sixwheeledbeastit's just a lot of work to make most of what people have from maemo-extras history supported or compatible with leste, for example.14:03
atkI have a pine14:03
atkalthough I am waiting for them to release the new hardware model with a blank back14:03
atkI don't really want one with a logo14:04
atkThe one I currently have is the early model with a bunch of power-management bugs in hardware14:04
atkIt's an interesting solution they developed to prototyping and testing14:04
atkrelease an early prototype as a developer version14:04
atkget a 1000 eyes to spot all your hardware bugs and how to fix them14:04
atkAnd it still impresses me how cheap they managed to do it all14:05
sixwheeledbeastsome of extras is now junk I suppose but even so14:05
atkalthough I think a lot of that is down to the fact that they have shenzhen at their disposal14:05
sixwheeledbeastIt comes with pmOS right?14:05
atkIt comes with a variety of OSes depending on which community edition is currently being sold14:05
atkcurrently I think they're doing PMos but they did UBPorts too14:05
atkI started work to get voidlinux running on it after I was a bit unhappy with the other options (I really don't want systemd but I also don't want openrc)14:06
atkBut I stopped for now and decided to focus work on developing a nice UI library14:06
atksomeone else has thankfully picked up where I left off and I think the voidlinux pinephone port is coming soon,14:06
sixwheeledbeasti assumed leste was still sysv?14:14
atksysv, openrc, I don't like either14:15
sixwheeledbeasti'd be lost without hildon ux on a mobile device. Everything else seems clunky but i suppose I am biased.14:16
sixwheeledbeastin thoery it would run any init you want from devuan.14:16
sixwheeledbeastvoid is runit, which i believe is also supported14:18
atkfair enough14:19
atkI also don't quite like hildon14:19
atkand also, it seems like they want to make everything integrate together like maemo14:19
atkwith a lot of old code14:19
atkIt seems like a lot of work14:19
atkI'm a bit happier putting that effort into fresh code than trying to resurrect maemo unfortunately.14:20
atkI have nothing against mamemo of course but I am just too unfamiliar with the code and too unfamiliar with debian to really feel motivated to work on it.14:20
sixwheeledbeastI do like runit over most of the other init options must admit.14:24
siceloatk: as much as i love maemo/hildon, i also like to at least check out other options. what's the UI you are talking about? anywhere i can check it out?14:26
atkno, not yet14:27
atkI'm writing a serialisation/deserialisation library right now which I'm going to be using to implement something in the UI library and the UI library hasn't gotten very far yet14:28
atk - the idea is to be able to describe the UI in lua14:29
atka bit like HTML but purpose built to be entirely client side14:29
atkthe idea is also to have a sort of styling language which is more like a bunch of functions14:29
atkit's combination of concepts from functional programming and HTML14:30
atkSo a bit closer to XUL for example14:30
atkI haven't finalized the design really14:30
atkBut I need to get some underlying libraries working first to be able to prototype this better14:30
atkThe biggest sticking point is font rendering14:32
atkI really doubt it will take off, but if I can get it working and write a UI with it it would make it so easy to modify things and create new things.14:33
atkAnd with a very small amount of code.14:33
atkI think this could also be done with scheme14:35
atkBut I am marginally more familiar with lua14:35
atkand I know how to write libraries in C which you can call into from lua14:35
atkIn a few months if things turn out well and I end up having as much as spare time as I would like then I might have something to show for14:37
Joerg-Neo900sounds a bit like qtml16:55
atkwell there's a bunch of things which are like it19:24
atkbut I don't like any of them19:24

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