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Oksanadrathir_tor: Depends on how it is done. If there is a separate memory card for photographs (with a direct bus from camera to card?), a separate memory card for map and navigation, a separate memory card for music and videos (with a direct bus from card to radio/Bluetooth/audio ports?)02:47
ShadowJKOksana, as an almost 40 year old noticing vision is getting worse, I'm finding it hard to accept that I need different glasses for viewing things at different distances23:35
ShadowJKI'm kinda wondering why the hell nobody has ever solved this problem already23:35
ShadowJKIs it just that most people face these things so early in life that they just accept it as inevitable and impossible to change?23:36
ShadowJKIt would be super cool to have some sort of "fluid" lenses that can alter shape in real time based on eye tracking interpreting the viewing distance23:37
ShadowJKIn hte meantime, I'm seriously considering ordering "adjustable focus" eyeglasses off of eyebay.23:37
ShadowJKAdjustable in the sense that there's a mechanical slider.23:37
ShadowJKOn a sidenote,23:38
ShadowJKA lot of people complain about the lack of resolution of VR glasses like Quest23:39
ShadowJKWhat bothers me more are the distortions caused by the lens system in it23:39
ShadowJKWhen I bring it up other people just say "Oh I'm so used to chromatic aberration in my peripheral vision because of my contact lenses // glasses anyway"23:40
ShadowJKThe VR glasses reduce resolution in all sorts of ways in the periphery, and it bothers me immensely, my eyes like physically hurt because of it, because it looks just like when there's sand in eyes or whatever23:41
ShadowJKThe sensation of physical pain is entirely imaginary, of course, because my brain is trained to think that the only reason for blurry peripheral vision must be sand/crap/grit in the eye23:42
ShadowJKSorry for the off topic rant.23:42
sixwheeledbeastlong sightedness and short sightedness are two different issues within the eye if you can get used to them a decent pair of varifocals are an option.23:43
sixwheeledbeastI mean in the future some AF lens like a camera maybe possible but expensive and easily damaged.23:47
ShadowJKThat's the kind of thing I mean, why do I have to adapt to a pair of eyeglasses and learn which direction to point my eyeballs in order to get things in focus, when it could be the other way and the glases could adjust their lenses to compensate for where I am looking23:47
sicelowhat can/should those of use still with 'good' eyesight do to avoid this?23:48
ShadowJKI still count myself to the people with "good eyesight", and I'm not sure23:49
ShadowJKBut basically the "missing part" seems to be eye-tracking that not only tracks where you are looking, but also tracks the depth of where you are looking23:49
ShadowJKtracking how far away something is that you are looking at23:50
ShadowJKSince variable-focus lenses already exist, it would be a question of taking the "distance" factor from eye tracking and feeding it to the lens, making the lens change focus to a distance your eyes can actually focus to, and preferably not change that too often, because it would get tiresome to constantly track a tiny change in distance with your eyes23:51
sixwheeledbeastshort sightedness is normally an issue with your eyes shape that becomes noticeable in adolescence, longsightness is an age thing and the muscles become tired and not able so pull tight enough to focus close.23:53
ShadowJK( The oculus quest VR glasses have some sort of "varifocal" lenses, in that things further up and down appear at different distances with regard to focus, and you're suppsoed to adjust them up and down to find the optimal position on your head for focus, but I'm so annoyed with it because it means that there's like 15% of the field of view that is in focus and the rest is out of focus)23:54
ShadowJKAnd as the years go by, the muscles in my eyes will get lazier, and the range of distances I will be able to focus on will continue to shrink :(23:55
sixwheeledbeastAF in cameras use data from the image sensor but if your eyes are the sensor then that means you need other options for distance and calibration to your eyesight.23:57
ShadowJKI realize the "dumb" solution to automatically adjusting eyeglases would just be to wear something like VR glasses coupled with a pair of cameras that focuses on things based on how "wide" or "narrow" eyes point23:57
sixwheeledbeastbut VR screen are close to the eye so would be an issue?23:57
ShadowJKThey have lenses to create a "virtual" focus point at about a metre away or so23:58
sixwheeledbeastI have fortunately not got to that point in needing correction for reading.23:58
ShadowJKSo if you can focus eyesight at something a metre away, you can use VR glasses23:59
sixwheeledbeastsome people like wearing contacts to solve one and then reading glasses23:59

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