libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2020-09-19

ShadowJKYes I know, my boss has like +3 lenses in his left eye and -4 in his right eye, or something like that00:00
ShadowJKit would drive me crazy00:00
ShadowJK(so basically one eye is for near and other eye is for far)00:00
sixwheeledbeastI am not fond of poking about in my eyes tbh00:00
ShadowJKSo imagine the distance between your eyes is 10cm, if you are looking at an object that is also 10cm away, your eyes will be pointing "inward" by quite alot00:01
ShadowJKImagine if eye tracking could measure how much "inward" your eyes are pointing, and from that determine that distance to the object that you are viewing00:02
ShadowJKImagine if the lenses in your eyeglases could change shape in realtime00:02
sixwheeledbeasteven so I don't think you can rely on that for focusing00:02
ShadowJKI would hope it would be better than having two fixed-focus alternatives (eye glasses on, eye glasses off)00:03
sixwheeledbeastIt would be a nice though tho but I think we have such a simple affordable option tech like that will be decades away00:03
ShadowJKBonus points, I guess, for an embeddeable sensor near the eye muscles that would detect straining and automagically adjust focus on the eyeglasses?00:04
sixwheeledbeasteven a manually operated shutter to switch between fixed lengths would be nice00:05
ShadowJKyeah those exist on ebay00:05
ShadowJKI've been tempted to order00:06
sixwheeledbeastbut how accurate to your prescription would they be00:06
ShadowJKBut I suspect I'd just get angry at them like I do at safety glasses :-)00:06
sixwheeledbeastover safety glasses for me00:07
ShadowJKEbay has variable focus eyeglases, you turn a knob until focus00:07
sixwheeledbeastit's easier00:07
ShadowJKWhat I mean is, I get fucking annoyed at the distortions caused by safety glasses00:08
ShadowJKFirst time I wore safety glasses I walked one step forward, pause, one step forward, pause, and so on00:09
ShadowJKbecause the distortions making me unsure00:09
ShadowJKNot quite blind, but it kinda felt like being blind, because there was so many visual effects00:10
ShadowJKHaze in the peripheral vision like a steam leak (and since I work as a maintenance engineer, steam leaks would be pretty serious!)00:13
ShadowJKGlare from light sources that dance around the field of vision, quite distracting!00:14
ShadowJKThings stuck on the glass surface that I thought were objects, and when I turned head it was tracking me!00:14
ShadowJKTurning head left and right by microscopic amount in order to figure out what is stuck on the eyeglass lens and what is actually "real" is not a reflexive "automatic" thing, it's something that you have to learn how to do00:18
* enyc meows04:18

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