libera/#neo900/ Tuesday, 2020-09-22

* enyc meows06:49
dazinismHeard talk that the lenses used to replace the lenses in your eyes, if you have cataracts, are getting good enough to give 20:20 vision for the rest of your life.11:37
dazinismAlso saw something on TV news a couple of years back suggesting people, without cataracts, were starting to have this kind of surgery done to improve poor eyesight11:38
dazinismApparently, theres a few different technologies for these replacement lenses that provide the ability to focus at different ranges11:40
* enyc meows14:15
sixwheeledbeastthe lens is only part of the story tho. if your short sighted you can adapt your eye with surgery (laser/replacement etc) but the tiredness of the muscles from aging causing "longsightedness" and issues reading, I don't believe anything can be done there.15:27

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