libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2021-05-08

dos1enyc: it supports N900 too :)00:19
dos1unfortunately those old phones are only getting harder and harder to obtain00:21
sixwheeledbeastPinephone with keyboard maybe close?00:22
enycdos1: I have leste no n900 =)03:31
dos1sixwheeledbeast: isn't it a clamshell then?06:38
sixwheeledbeastwell I don't know. I was under the impression it was suppose to be a slide but then I have since pictures of a clam too.11:44
sixwheeledbeastif it's a clam that's a shame and I wouldn't be interest11:44
sixwheeledbeastclam is only useful on a desk IMO. I would want a proper keyboard for that. the point is it's a mobile device.11:47

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