libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2021-08-04

enycnorly: =)04:20
* enyc meows ceene 06:24
ceenehi :)08:07
ceeneso, this irc client is a znc running on a VPS I rent for $3 a year. I got it 3 years ago or so, payment by the year08:08
ceenea couple of years ago, the company providing the VPS got hacked and a bunch of vps machines got deleted, this one of mine among them08:08
ceenein compensation, they got me another year free (wow, like $3 a year is that much... and what the hell, they got hacked and their machines got deleted????)08:09
ceenethat period of paid time + free time has already passed, and I've not paid anything anymore08:09
ceenei had forgotten about it completely, because it just works08:09
ceeneyesterday, the company had a black out and my vps was offline a few hours, i went to see what happened, and it was just something general, not due to my machine08:10
ceenebut i saw that the $3/year plan no longer exists, that my service appears as canceled and that this machine should not exist anymore08:10
ceeneand so here i am, using a shitty $0/year plan to connect to the irc08:10
* ceene mewos enyc08:10
* ceene meows enyc 08:11
* bencoh purrs10:48
enycceene: haha13:44
enycceene: you remind me of ''forgotten'' email accounts on pop3/imap servers etc13:45
enyceasier just to keep them running than to try to do anything about figuring out which is whose etc etc13:45
ceeneyeah, I still have my email on the uni. I asked them how much will it last "while you're a student here" they said. 12 years later, the email is still there14:55
tkceene: sounds like cloud at cost14:57
tkexcept my machine on cloud at cost performed like an old calculator14:57
ceenemine is with wishosting, like in... I wish it'd worked without getting hacked and deleted14:58
tkalso sounds like you're paying the right price for it :P14:59
ceeneyeah, I can't complain much if at all lol15:00
ceenei just use it for this ZNC and as a central hub for a VPN which I use to connect to my father's laptop when he breaks something15:00
ceeneit's nice having a fixed IP to her laptop which is always behind nat15:00
tkhmm, I wouldn't trust such a cheap host for security in terms of using it as a node in a VPN15:05
ceenewell, it's meant to reconfigure the printer when my dad breaks it somehow, it's not much that it's doing15:06
ceenethe root password for that laptop is 'x'15:06
ceenenot that I care much lol15:06
* enyc meows tk 21:12

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