libera/#neo900/ Wednesday, 2022-03-16

bencohnorly: you could try looking for a 'broken' n900 and swap the digitizer10:51
tkcan recommend the above11:01
joergdigitizers are N900-specific and most likely not available anymore. You could get away with connecting a mouse instead17:32
joergthen, I seem to have a few spare digitizers here. Query me17:37
sixwheeledbeastYou may find one if you search about. Alternatively another N900 with a dead modem maybe suitable donor.17:41
sixwheeledbeastI would just replace the whole display module of a donor in that case. Other devices are probably more suitable for leste. best to ask over on #maemo-leste for leste related info.17:45
norlyok, time to join #maemo-leste then18:02
norlyjoerg, thanks. i've found a digitizer replacement - let's see whether i got lucky and it's the real thing. if not, i may ask you if the need arises.18:03
joergany time18:03
norlyit's sad that this channel has quieted down this much, but life happens sometimes. once more, thanks for everything you've done for the n900 and the neo900 project.18:04
joergwas a pleasure as far as it was about community. Not so much when it came to authorities and institutions/banks etc18:06
norlyoh yes i can very well understand that18:07
norlythough i wasn't aware of such kind of issues up to now. is there a writeup about it somewhere?18:08
norlymaybe a TMO post or something?18:09
joergexcept for the paypal stuff, I didn't dump those annoying boring details to community18:10
norlyah ok. then i didn't actually miss anything public. thanks.18:11
joergtax is tax, nobody wants to deal with it more than absolutely necessary, unless you're one of those strange individuals that do that for making a living ;-)18:11
norlymy reason for asking was that i was looking to make and sell a much (!) simpler product, and many decisions were driven by "oh, let's not include a radio because it's pain", etc.18:12
norlyand even just a whiff of this made me appreciate the neo900 work so much more than ever before18:12
joergthose were minor isuues I had no problems with18:13
norlyyeah, taxes. no fun :(18:13
joergsteer clear of VAT in context of international trade, if you're interested to keep your sanity18:13
norlyyes, indeed! that's the thing i most bumped into when researching18:14
joergand that's the "funy" half of that topic18:14
joergfunny even18:14
joergthe nasty half might only apply if you're located in Germany18:15
joergany reasonablyrun and funded company had moved their headquaters to Taiwan or the like18:16
norlyis that just germany, or all of EU?18:18
bencohunless you're only dealing with EU customers I guess18:18
bencohbecause in that case you actually want to stay in EU18:19
norlyhow about an EU company for EU clients, and a non-EU company for non-EU clients?18:19
bencohthat might be what most do18:19
bencoh(big companies I mean)18:20
norlyah yeah right, thinking about it they usually have representative branches/subsidiaries in major areas18:20
norlyok, putting the not so fun topics aside - is there any future for the work you've done for neo900, or even STEP2? publication, or even continuation, maybe by someone else?18:21
joergnot on my side, no. The design is obsolete by now, and I don't plan to push this any further. The concepts behind it are alive and true, and I'd love a new job helping to make them get implemented18:34
joergI won't start a new project on my own. I can't do that a second time, burnout strikes18:35
norlyjoerg, yeah i understand very well. please take care, thanks for all you've done, and enjoy your neo life :)18:44

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