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BM.install2016-Apr-20 00:56:140.7Kapplication/x-install-instructions 23:25:020.1Kapplication/x-install-instructions 23:26:010.1Kapplication/x-install-instructions
linenoise_all.install2015-Nov-23 05:01:500.4Kapplication/x-install-instructions
muarf_all.install2015-Nov-23 04:12:260.4Kapplication/x-install-instructions
muarf_all__devel_tools.install2015-Nov-23 03:57:160.7Kapplication/x-install-instructions
recommended.install2015-Nov-23 04:12:260.4Kapplication/x-install-instructions
TL;DR: CLICK ON recommended.install - it's a symlink to muarf_all

these are .install files for the alternative base repos, meant to get clicked in N900's web browser. They are mutually exclusive.
The Nokia*.install are from - I didn't check them
RECOMMENDED: recommended.install

BM.install is a one-click install for BackupMenu that also handles missing dependencies. It's supplementary to the other install files
HOWEVER IT ENABLES CATALOGS! Check your catalog settings after using this, and disable any repos like "tools", "extras-devel" or duplicate Nokia (mirror) repos!

linenoise and muarf are identical mirrors of the deceased Nokia repos. Pick your favorite. They are mutually exclusive!
see wiki

muarf_all__devel_tools surprisingly is muarf_all plus maemo-extras-devel plus tools repo, you disable the latter two usually!

I neither have thoroughly checked, nor am I responsibe for the content or integrity, of those repos linked in the .install files!
The .install are provided in the hope that they simplify catalog handling for N900 users


for your convenience: proceed by clicking CSSU to install community update - keep in mind you seen a backupmenu oneclick-install *here* ;-)