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ServiceRobotgreetings, programs!03:33
ServiceRobotso I successfully installed devuan with runit on my personal server. everything appears to be going smoothly, except for dnscrypt-proxy. does anyone here use it?03:37
ServiceRobotI'm using beowulf since I really wanted the 2.0 version03:38
furrywolfgolinux:  101010 1101000 1110101 1100111 100001 10101003:41
fsmithredfurrywolf takes little bytes04:02
shnapsHello there. I'm thinking about moving to devuan. But I want to use i3 + xfce. Does devuan support them?17:56
jyrithough, I'm on i3 + WindowMaker17:57
shnapsDoes it work without systemd?17:58
jyriyep :)17:58
shnapsHm. I seen some depencencies in i3 for systemd. It made me thinking about it17:59
shnapsI think it was i3-utils or something similar to this18:00
fsmithredlots of people are using i3 in devuan18:03
fsmithredI think you can download a derivative iso that already has i3 on it18:03
shnapsMore derivatives for god of derivatives!18:07
shnapsI guess I'll just stuck with devuan and use it18:07
fsmithredlol, they're useful for testing18:09
fsmithredor, if you happen to find one that has exactly what you want.18:10
shnapsI'd like to test! But I'm too tired reinstalling different linux isos for last couple weeks. Now I just want working laptop, lol18:12
fsmithredthey're live isos - just image a usb stick and boot it18:13
fsmithredbut I can sympathize with you about too many installs18:14
shnapsI guess I can just for them at youtube18:15
fsmithredoh yeah, some of them are there18:19
shnapsDamn, haven't seen that I skiped the word "look"18:20
fsmithredI missed that, too. Could have sworn it was there.18:20
shnapsHuh, some black magic is going on18:22
shnapsOkay, downloaded netinstall, wish me luck. I'm going deep18:22
fsmithredyou'll be fine18:22
fsmithredchoose expert install18:23
shnapsOkay, got it. Thanks!18:24
shnapsWell, I wasn't able to load netinst for some reason. Don't know why18:41
shnapsWhich cd should I download? 1/2/3?18:42
golinuxshnaps: Please read the descriptions of the various isos on the index page18:48
shnapsI already did it. I mean what is the difference between cd1, cd2, cd3? They are all cds. And I just need install iso18:50
fsmithredshnaps, what do you mean you couldn't load it? If it failed to boot, how far did you get?18:51
shnapsJust loaded grub and than got error18:52
fsmithredcd1 has what you need to get started, cd2 and cd3 have additional software.18:52
KatolaZshnaps: if your box is connected to the internet during install, just download the netinst18:53
fsmithredare you booting from usb or optical media?18:53
KatolaZshnaps: please explain "I wasn't able to load netinst for some reason. Don't know why"18:53
KatolaZshnaps: what did you do exactly?18:53
fsmithredshnaps, come back18:56
shnapsOkay, I burned netinstall iso with utilite to my flash drive. Then rebooted laptop, choosed devuan and got error that I don't have some packages and not able to load it. That's all18:57
KatolaZshnaps: use dd19:01
KatolaZand, please, report the exact error you see19:01
shnapsWell, redownloaded live iso. Started it and got just black screen on login.19:08
shnapsKatolaZ, not able to use dd, I have flash with multiple isos.19:08
shnapsfsmithred, yumi. Used it before, first time such problem19:09
KatolaZshnaps: I don't know what you are talking about19:09
shnapsI mean that if I'll use dd, I'll loose all stuff that I have on my flash drive right now. So I use yumi. It always worked before19:11
fsmithrednvidia graphics?19:11
shnapsNope, Intel hd 400019:11
fsmithredok. any time I hear 'boots to black screen' the first thing I think of is adding 'nomodeset' to the boot command19:12
fsmithredoh, and sometimes just waiting for a few minutes does it19:12
fsmithredthe desktop-live should install ok from a multi-boot usb if you can get it to boot.19:13
fsmithredthe netinstall would probably require some manual tweaking to get it to find the cdrom19:13
shnapsI guess so19:14
shnapsHaven't expected this tho19:14
shnapsRebooting now, gonna try "nomodeset"19:14
muriiHey, can someone tell me what mesa version you have?19:27
muriior from what year it is?19:27
shnapsTried again with "nomodeset". Same stuff, devuan running, I see services running and than black screen instead of login(I guess after shim or slim got loaded). I managed to see for a moment when I exited with power button that I got like 6 errors in console that authorization invalid or something like that.19:27
fsmithredshnaps, did you try ctrl-alt-F1 to get to console?19:29
fsmithredmurii, mesa libs are 13.0.6... in ascii and 10.3.2... in jessie19:30
KatolaZmurii: ^^^ this is for ceres19:30
KatolaZ and beowulf19:31
shnapsSure, first thing that I did19:36
fsmithredand do you have a command prompt there?19:38
shnapsNope, only black screen.19:39
fsmithredis it very new hardware?19:40
shnapsLol, no. Old laptop from 201119:40
fsmithreddamn, that should work19:40
shnapsI have no idea why I getting this. Seems like basically it works19:41
shnapsBut for some reason I'm not getting command promt after devuan loaded itself. Only black screen19:42
shnapsAnyway, I almost downloaded dvd install iso, going to check it19:42
amesserhi xcm22:02
xcmjust installed debian on a box and i can't reach it from another, but it's starting to look like it's not devuan's fault since i can reach it from other devices22:04
xcm*devuan, woops.22:04
rdav__xcm from the devuan box, ipconfig, and check the network config, is it in the same subnet at the other boxes?22:06
xcmeverything looks fine, looks like an openwrt issue instead so don't be alarmed!22:07
amessermaybe dns is not working as expected?22:14
amesserMy router sometimes didn't recognize the hostname of my devuan box. I had to manually configure dhclient to send a client identifier22:16
amesserotherwise the dnsmasq in the didn't store the hostname22:16
amesserfrom the dhcp request22:16
xcmi had to put all the ethernet ports in the same vlan. sorry for the noise22:18
gnarfacewelcome aboard!22:19
xcmthanks! i needed some low-maintenance OS for this tiny home server. so far so good :)22:20
rdav__xcm: no problemo, if you have time, could you put instructions up on devuan galaxy forum as a howto?22:22
xcmthis was a problem with my router22:27
rdav__ahh i see, the openwrt router?22:29
xcmyep. only recently switched to it and hadn't noticed this problem22:29
shnapsOkay, I failed install. Got windows installed. Still want to get devuan. I have uefi partition right now, debuan dvd and flash drive. What to do?22:29
gnarfaceshnaps: you probably have to disable secure boot22:31
gnarface(just a guess)22:31
gnarfaceshnaps_: you probably have to disable secure boot22:32
shnaps_It is disabled, I used archlinux before22:33
shnaps_With uefi also22:33
gnarfaceoh hmm.  there's probably some second part to the trick then.  check the forums it's mentioned in there somewhere.  actually it might even be mentioned in the release notes.  you're not the first person to run into this problem22:34
gnarfaceshnaps_: how did it actually fail?22:35
gnarfacedid it finish and just fail to boot?22:35
shnaps_What do you mean?22:35
shnaps_Which of errors do you want to know?22:35
shnaps_I tried multiple isos22:36
gnarfacejust the last 10 or so22:36
gnarfacemake sure you removed "quiet" from the grub command-line so you can actually see what it's doing when it boots.22:36
gnarfacedoes it make it at least to grub?22:36
shnaps_Oh, let me tell22:37
gnarfacei'm sorry i'm not clear on if you managed to even start the install or not22:38
gnarfaceyou have to tell me more details about what went wrong so i'm not just guessing here22:38
shnaps_Yeah, sure22:38
shnaps_So, 1 time I tried network iso. Got wrong grub config, I guess22:38
shnaps_I tried to fix it - no luck22:39
fsmithredbetter to tell symptoms than your conclusions22:39
shnaps_Well, network - "/slug" not found, failed to find everything22:40
shnaps_That's why I guessed that my utility flashed this iso wrong22:40
fsmithredhave you been able to boot either live media or installer media?22:42
shnaps_2 try - live system. Got it running, loading all systems, seen wicd service started, slim? service started too. Then got black screen without any command promt. Tried to change tty - no luck, still no command promt22:42
fsmithredcan you burn an iso to dvd?22:43
shnaps_After couple tries with it, I tried "nomodeset" and still no luck22:43
fsmithredor run out to the store to get a second usb flash drive that you can dd?22:44
shnaps_It is hour past midnight here22:45
shnaps_So, no luck, lol22:45
shnaps_After this I tried to burn dvd install on my flash - too big, fat32 not allowed it22:46
shnaps_But I still think that I can get devuan running. But I need some help. Where can I get grub example?22:46
shnaps_I can try to burn it again and then fix it manually22:46
gnarfaceif it makes it all the way to slim, it's not a problem with grub22:47
gnarfaceit might be a elogind/polkit conflict22:47
gnarfacecheck the release notes22:47
shnaps_What place exactly should I check? I'm still little noob22:47
fsmithredwhat's the longest time you have spent looking at the black desktop screen?22:47
shnaps_Like 5 mins22:48
shnaps_Oh, forgot to mention22:48
gnarfacesound like it could be the common sesson management backend conflict problem22:48
shnaps_I seen "Authorization invalid/failed" in console22:48
shnaps_When I restarted laptop with power button22:49
shnaps_And there where like 10 this errors 1 by 122:49
fsmithredoh, this utility that puts the iso on the usb...22:49
fsmithreddoes it create the boot menu entry?22:49
fsmithredor does it copy it from the iso?22:50
fsmithredmake sure 'username=devuan' is there (in the destkop-live boot command)22:50
shnaps_Let me check22:50
shnaps_I guess it just copy stuff from iso22:51
shnaps_Because I used it without any problems22:51
shnaps_For arch/ubuntu/slack/etc22:51
fsmithrednot relevant22:51
fsmithredwhat boot loader are you using? syslinux or grub?22:51
fsmithredget to boot menu, press 'e' to edit the boot lines22:52
fsmithredmake sure 'username=devuan' is there22:52
fsmithredthis is only for the desktop-live22:52
shnaps_Burning image again, gonna take look at grub config in running system22:54
watchcatcp linux.iso /dev/sdX never fails me.22:56
fsmithredthat should not work22:57
fsmithredcat will work22:57
watchcatcp to a block device does the same thing as dd, except faster.22:57
watchcatcp works fine.22:57
fsmithredbut if you have a multiboot usb that you don't want to trash, neither will work22:57
shnaps_ well, I don't have any username in my grub config22:58
watchcatright. it trashes the mbr/whatever.22:58
fsmithredKatolaZ, I'm about to try with the modified minimal iso22:59
KatolaZok fsmithred22:59
KatolaZlet me know22:59
watchcatnote /dev/sdX, not /dev/sdXn23:00
fsmithredcodepage cp437 not found23:00
KatolaZwatchcat: shnaps_ has a multi-boot device23:00
fsmithredover and over again23:00
fsmithredbut at least it's trying to mount the fat partition23:00
watchcati see. yeh, not applicable to that.23:01
shnaps_Yeah, I used yumi to do it23:01
KatolaZfsmithred: that's strange23:01
xcmgreat, this server is already serving all it ought to serve23:01
KatolaZthe kernel is the stock one23:01
fsmithredshnaps_, you must add it23:01
watchcatyumi works pretty well under windows. the linux one is very crude.23:01
fsmithredto the linux line23:01
fsmithredotherwise you will get a black screen and the errors you see when you shut down23:02
golinuxshnaps_:   HOWTO: Bypass the 4GB filesize limit in Refractasnapshot
golinuxWhich is not exactly what you need but it can be done.23:16
shnaps_Oh, good to knowm, thanks!23:18
fsmithredshnaps_, remove "components" and "config" from the linux line, and add "username=devuan"23:45
fsmithredI would remove the "noprompt" too.23:46
fsmithredany idea what 'noprompt' is for? I can't find it in man live-boot or man live-config23:47

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