freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2019-07-25

justinsmAnybody else having issues with beowulf mini.iso from June 27?02:55
justinsmGetting: "Couldn't find these debs: devuan-baseconf"02:57
stanzI used it 2 days ago...didn't want the pkg, but did get it.02:59
fsmithredjustinsm, did the install fail because of that?03:05
fsmithredwe just pulled the package from the repo because it had problems03:07
fsmithredand we didn't replace it because it's not needed (doesn't provide anything useful)03:07
fsmithreddidn't think aabout the mini.iso03:07
fsmithredat what stage did it fail?03:08
justinsm"Install the base system"03:08
justinsmDebootstrap error03:08
Centurion_Danah, that's debootstrap...03:14
fsmithredjustinsm, fix is coming03:20
jaromilcouldn't resist10:00
jaromilfsmithred: don't place it back10:00
jaromilplease, mini.iso is not public10:01
jaromilits just about removing it from debootstrap10:01
Centurion_Danjaromil: the newer devuan-baseconf is in place until I get the debootstrap and mini.iso's rebuilt - so it shouldn't have that repo issue.10:23
xinomiloejr, a nasty debian bug fixed today11:09
xinomiloupgrade or install logsave before rebooting11:11
xinomilothis actually :
Evilhamthe evilgnome thing is good marketing and overblown, in the end it's just a trojan, and that can happen to anything, in this case some gnome extensions but it could be just as easily "sl the cute terminal train [that sends all your files to a remote server in the background]"11:51
cousin_luigiIs there a tentative ETA for the buster-based release?12:05
fsmithrednot yet12:06
cousin_luigik, bbl!12:08
Moanehi devuan's people! Got a trouble mounting usb keys, a message "Not authorized to perform operation" appears, tried some things found on internet (debian forii, ubuntu forii) but nothing worked, any tip ?18:55
MinceRtried it as root? :>18:55
Moanelol, love kidding me :p18:55
Moaneas root or via sudo that's ok paw, but as normal user nothing good18:56
Moanetried another solution and it works, wrote a file named org.freedesktop.automount.pkla in /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d19:05
MinceRew, polkit19:05
MinceRno wonder it didn't work19:05
Moanethat's strange because with another laptop there is no trouble19:06
MoaneCU later all19:06
kreyrenrequesting version info for mono-devel20:56
fsmithredkreyren, you can search packages here -

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