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systemdlete2libpcrecpp0v5 vs libpcrecpp0 ???   This causes an incompatibility for installing megacmd  (and, yes, I want to install mega on my system, thank you)12:15
systemdlete2megacmd depends on libpcrecpp0, not the "v5" version.  Is there a way around this?12:16
systemdlete2This is on ascii and it's a pretty new system build (about a month old)12:19
gnarfacethey may not be able to coexist for all i know12:27
* systemdlete2 headslaps himself12:28
gnarfaceif they're both in the repo, something else you have installed probably does depend on the v5 one12:28
gnarfaceif they're not both in the repo, just try to compile the regular non-v5 one yourself12:28
* systemdlete2 nods12:28
systemdlete2what I figured12:28
systemdlete2apt-cache rdepends libpcrecpp0v5    shows me about a dozen packages12:30
systemdlete2libpcrecpp0 is not in the repo, but is referred to by another (the v5 version)12:31
systemdlete2I might be able to build it, but what if the generated binaries conflict with the v5 ones?12:32
systemdlete2it almost sounds easier to uninstall all the rdepends and hope that I won't ever need any of them...12:32
gnarfacewell that's safer, if you don't actually need any of them12:34
gnarfacebut it should be pretty easy to check at least if the generated binaries collide with the paths and names of any of the others....12:35
gnarfaceso if you package the build, in theory it wouldn't be a problem to just remove it again if it doesn't work12:35
systemdlete2ehh, no.12:37
systemdlete2I tried to remove libpcrecpp0v5 and it wants to remove a good chunk of mysql (which I DO need!) and a bunch of stuff for python (which I can personally live without, but maybe some tools can't)12:38
systemdlete2and, btw12:38
gnarfacethe other option would be to rebuild megacmd instead12:38
systemdlete2in that list it wants to remove, there's a ton of packages with "v5" appended... so this is a wide-spread problem.12:38
systemdlete2Not sure if I can get megacmd source, but I'll look...12:39
systemdlete2(and if I can, I agree that would be much easier!)12:39
systemdlete2I am guessing that these v5 versions have something to do with debian's surgery to become a normal, healthy OS12:40
systemdlete2source is available, and get this gnarface:  It is open sourced!12:41
systemdlete2on github no less12:41
systemdlete2I am not particularly looking forward to maintaining a package myself, and I'll have to when they (Mega) make changes12:41
systemdlete2oh well.  better than nothing.12:42
gnarfacesystemdlete2: try out checkinstall for making the package12:44
systemdlete2which package?  I'm going to build megacmd myself12:47
gnarfacethere is a package called checkinstall that is for making packages from src you build yourself12:48
systemdlete2I see that megacmd is in the repo -- I was not expecting that.12:48
systemdlete2got it12:48
gnarfaceyou hadn't checked first?12:48
gnarfacewell use that one then, you're making this WAY harder on yourself than it has to be12:48
gnarfacealways check the repo first, there's like 50k packages in there12:49
gnarfacelooks like it's up to 60k now actually...12:49
gnarfacedebian package selection is a big deal12:50
systemdlete2I mean, I tried to install megacmd from the devuan/debian repos, it's there but it won't install due to the same problem with the perl library (libpcrecpp0v5)12:53
systemdlete2sorry I was not clear.12:53
gnarfacethe one in the repo shouldn't be having dependency problems if it's ascii12:53
systemdlete2Keep in mind I was more of a CentOS guy before coming to Devuan.12:53
gnarfaceascii would only be having dependency problems if you had mixed in packages from somewhere else12:54
systemdlete2well, maybe I wouldn't be if it weren't for all those "v5" deps for mysql12:54
gnarfacedid you get mysql from the repo or somewhere else?12:54
systemdlete2Only mega... hmmm.  I wonder if it might be that I downloaded megasync from
systemdlete2this is interesting.  Only megacmd is in the devuan repo.  megasync is not?12:57
gnarfacecould it be in non-free?12:58
gnarfaceor contrib?12:58
gnarfaceand maybe you don't have those included in your sources.list?12:59
systemdlete2maybe I'm wrong about this...12:59
systemdlete2(a bit confused atm...)12:59
systemdlete2ok. here's what I am getting...13:00
systemdlete2apt-get install megasync megacmd13:00
systemdlete2it says megasync installs ok, but megacmd chokes on that perl lib13:00
systemdlete2I mean, apt-get chokes on the dep13:00
gnarfaceand this is ascii, you said? or beowulf?13:01
systemdlete2ascii, yes.  So I removed both, just to be sure, and they both cannot be installed now.13:01
systemdlete2Just a moment ago, I was able to run the same command and it worked13:02
gnarfacewell the origin of those v5 packages seems suspect13:02
systemdlete2except it wouldn't install the 2nd package13:02
gnarfacebut what you would have to do, assuming the v5 packages were from a 3rd party repo and improper, would be to purge not only them but every package you got from this alleged other repo13:02
gnarfacethe other repo might have been ascii-backports or another version of devuan even.  do you remember doing anything like that?  maybe deb-multimedia?13:03
systemdlete2(see, pls)13:03
gnarfaceno contrib or non-free13:04 had given me problems in the past13:04
gnarfaceotherwise it looks right13:04
systemdlete2what kind of problems?13:04 should work but it had given me problems in the past, just not getting connections13:05
systemdlete2I could change the repo and retry, but I just searched and neither megasync nor megacmd are there13:06
gnarfaceyou definitely must have got them from elsewhere then13:06
gnarfacewas this system an upgrade?13:06
systemdlete2well, yes.  I downloaded them from mega.nz13:06
gnarfaceoh, right you said that13:06
systemdlete2this is a VM with a fresh ascii install13:06
gnarfacewell they don't seem to be for the right version of debian13:07
systemdlete2about a month old, and I've barely done anything to it13:07
gnarfacemaybe they're for buster?13:07
gnarfaceor jessie?13:07
gnarfacei'm not sure13:07
systemdlete2when I search for "libpcrecpp0" at the pkginfo site, it gets one hit, for libpcrecpp0v513:07
gnarfaceapt-cache search would have shown them if they were locally installed, even if they were not in the repo13:08
systemdlete2^ that's prob what threw me13:08
systemdlete2but it looks like the repos are holding those v5 versions for ascii13:08
systemdlete2gnarface:  I always look for the indigenous versions of packages before I go out hunting them down13:09
systemdlete2As an old CentOS user, I never liked using "outside" repos b/c you could not always trust that they would be maintained13:10
* FleaFart I am happy there is CodeLite in the Devuan 2-1 repo13:10
gnarfacesystemdlete2: so then the mega packages must be for jessie?13:12
systemdlete2Well... idk.  I downloaded debian 8 version -- that's ascii?13:14
systemdlete2they also have 9, but I thought that would be beowulf13:14
systemdlete2(or am I being a cementhead again?)13:14
gnarfacewikipedia confirms debian 8 is jessie13:15
gnarfacethat's now older than oldstable13:15
systemdlete2so I want debian 9?13:15
gnarfaceyea you want the debian9 one if that's an option13:15
systemdlete2it is. they even have 10!13:15
gnarface10 would be beowulf13:16
* systemdlete2 deserves a good headslap13:16
systemdlete2sorry about all this confusion I created.13:16
gnarfaceno worries.  sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes.13:17
gnarfacegotta double check those version numbers13:17
systemdlete2I hate it when I bug people for something I should have checked more carefuly first13:17
systemdlete2You know the releases page on the website would be more helpful if, along with the debian release name, they gave the corresponding release number.13:17
systemdlete2Again, I am NOT a longtime Debian sort of guy, who would know these things.13:18
gnarfaceeven i had to search google to be sure13:19
systemdlete2Some of us are Redhat/CentOS refugees fleeing from systemd oppression, seeking a new home in a land that is strange to us13:19
systemdlete2the strangest part is the packaging system in this new country13:20
gnarfaceit is a bit weird, yea13:20
systemdlete2apt-get for this, apt-cache for that, gdebi for yet this other thing13:20
systemdlete2the system itself is fine, though.  Very stable and no real issues.13:20
systemdlete2I knew that THIS must be the right version (9) because the downloader knew to try using the system installer.13:26
systemdlete2nvm.  it did that for 8 also, I just checked.13:27
systemdlete2time to rest13:27
systemdlete2thanks gnarface, once again13:27
FleaFartI am in the Synaptic Package manager (because I don't know the stuff above that you all do) I am trying to avoid conflicting apts .. question: do I choose  Kdevelop or kdevelop-dev ... my guess is kdevelop-dev13:33
gnarfaceFleaFart: kdevelop-dev is probably just for building stuff13:34
gnarfacethe "*-dev" packages are all build-time dependencies13:35
gnarface(unlike redhat/centos, those are in separate packages)13:35
FleaFartthat helps13:35
xormarhi all17:06
xormardoes anybody know if chromium is supposed to be working in beowulf?17:07
fsmithred hang on a minute and I'll try17:07
xormari'm getting errors (different ones, depending on cli flags) and then Received signal 11 SEGV_MAPERR 00000000000017:08
fsmithredxormar, what version of chromium do you have?17:11
fsmithredok, good. That's the one in beowulf-security17:12
fsmithredI'll install and try it17:13
fsmithrednothing happens from menu17:14
fsmithredin terminal I get a message that I need to install chromium-sandbox or run it with --no-sandbox17:15
xormarfsmithred: yes, did that, but didn't change anything for me (except for the error message)17:15
fsmithredit works here17:16
fsmithredwhat else you have installed?17:16
fsmithredshort version, please17:16
fsmithreddid you start with a minimal install and add stuff, or did you start with a desktop install?17:17
xormarfsmithred: afair it was a desktop install of ascii, then dist-upgraded to beowulf17:18
fsmithredbrb, need coffee17:18
fsmithredok, and you've upgraded recently?17:18
xormarfsmithred: to beowulf?17:18
xormarfsmithred: upgraded to beowulf right after installing, because I wanted to track buster rather than stretch17:19
fsmithredrecently = today or yesterday, possibly the day before17:19
fsmithredgoogle for the error message. I'll be back with more caffeine.17:20
xormarfsmithred: to beowulf some weeks ago, but i apt upgrade regularly, also today17:20
xormarfsmithred: already done that. nothing conclusive. most hints are to gpu-related problems17:25
xormarfsmithred: but --disable-gpu gives [1026/] ContextResult::kFatalFailure: Failed to create shared context for virtualization.17:26
xormarfsmithred: also downgraded to 73.0.3683.75-1, but to no avail17:27
xormarthe chromium window opens, but no action/click/menu does anything17:30
xormarjust noticed these befor the signal 11:17:31
xormar[18654:18654:1026/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.17:31
xormar[18654:18654:1026/] [.DisplayCompositor]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glBufferData: <- error from previous GL command17:31
fsmithredyou're running this in a VM? How much ram did you give it?17:38
xormarfsmithred: nope, I'm on bare metal. dell precision, 16 G ram17:39
fsmithredthat should be enough for any browser17:40
xormarit runs fine on the same box under debian and gentoo17:40
fsmithredmaybe compare package lists to see if something is missing17:42
xormarok, i'll keep looking. thanks!17:44
avboxfalkon would be a very cool piece of software, a very fast qt based webbrowser. Unfortunately when I install, dbus after it is broken. I found at that there is systemd in /var/run. Two question: a) Did someone else had this issue? b) How to send a bug report to the maintainer of the package maintainer?18:30
MinceRdbugs was always broken :>18:42
avboxMinceR: Bevore installing falkon, I had no problems.18:46
fsmithredI have /var/run/systemd/ also. It might be there for policykit.18:49
fsmithredhow do you know dbus is broken? error message?18:49
avboxfsmithred: Good question, I think I got an error message. But I removed it already. Give me some time, and I will try to install it again and give a better error description.19:08
xormarfsmithred: re. thanks for the link, but unfortunately same error even after turning off GLX19:16
xormar[8511:8511:1026/] glxQueryVersion failed19:17
xormar[8511:8511:1026/] GLSurfaceGLX::InitializeOneOff failed.19:17
xormar[8511:8511:1026/] Exiting GPU process due to errors during initialization19:17
xormar[8545:8545:1026/] ContextResult::kFatalFailure: Failed to create shared context for virtualization.19:17
xormarReceived signal 11 SEGV_MAPERR 00000000000019:17
xormarwhenever the gpu process fails, the "kFatalFailure: Failed to create shared context for virtualization." msg appears. but with or without that msg, the signal 11 always happens19:18
xormarmust be something else19:18
xormarwill try in a vm with a fresh install19:18
eyalrozWhat's the package name for the linux kernel sources? I can't seem to find it. (I'm on beowulf.)19:52
fsmithredeyalroz, you might just need linux-header-`uname -r`19:55
fsmithredlinux-headers-`uname -r`19:56
eyalrozfsmithred: Nope, I want to look at the sources.19:56
eyalrozlinux-source - Linux kernel source (meta-package)19:56
eyalrozlinux-source-4.19 - Linux kernel source for version 4.19 with Debian patches19:56
fsmithredthat's a metapackage and should give you the latest kernel for your suite19:56
eyalroz... while I'm running 5.2.0-3 ...19:56
eyalrozthe meta-package only offers me 4.1919:57
eyalroz... which is why I thought I must be getting the package name wrong somehow.19:57
fsmithredlinux-source-5.2 is in ceres19:57
eyalrozand it's not in beowulf because... ?19:58
fsmithredbecause 5.2 is not in beowulf19:58
fsmithred4.19 is the kernel version for buster/beowulf19:59
fsmithredand won't change19:59
fsmithredyou might find 5.2 in backports19:59
fsmithredbut I don't think we have beowulf-backports yet19:59
fsmithredso you'd have to look in buster-backports19:59
eyalrozfsmithred: Ah... yes, I may have backports enabled.20:04
eyalrozBut then, if the kernel package is backported, why not the source package?20:04
eyalrozmmm... no backports20:05
eyalrozfsmithred: These are my sources, obtained via: cd /etc/apt; grep deb $(find . -name "*.list") | egrep -v "# ?deb"20:08
fsmithredeyalroz, run 'apt-cache search linux-image-5.2' and see if anything comes up20:25
fsmithredand/or 'apt-cache policy linux-image-5.2.(full version)20:26
eyalrozfsmithred: Of course things come up; two things, actually: 5.2.0-2-amd64  and 5.2.0-3-amd6420:26
fsmithredthe last will show you where it came from20:27
TwistedFateaww dota 2 has a glados announcer20:28
TwistedFateoops wrong chat20:28
fsmithred100 /var/lib/dpkg/status20:29
fsmithred^^^ That means it came from someplace other than one of your enabled repos20:29
fsmithredmy guess is you added ceres to get it and then removed ceres. And you might have done that on my suggestion, because I ran the same kernel in beowulf for a couple months.20:30
fsmithredI hope you have all those extra repos pinned to a low priority so they don't sneak packages in that will mess up your system20:31
eyalrozfsmithred: I haven't pinned them to a specific priority, no...21:35
eyalrozand indeed, I had ceres enabled, and commented-out, probably on your suggestion or that of someone on this channel :-P21:36
* jordila is reading about migrating from Debian Buster --> Devuan Beowulf ?
tuxd3vhello guys o/23:09
tuxd3vwhat is the chanel for devuan arm devices on freenode?23:11
gnarfacetuxd3v: #devuan-arm23:12
tuxd3vthanks gnarface23:13
tuxd3vit gave me a strange message before..23:14
tuxd3v#devuan-arm :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services - see
tuxd3vvut now Im in23:14
tuxd3vvut -> but23:14
gnarfacetuxd3v: you need to be registered with NickServ and logged in23:18
gnarfacetuxd3v: (it is to combat spam and abuse)23:18
tuxd3vI believe you23:18
tuxd3vnow I have entered nicelly ;)23:19

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