libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2018-07-14

Joerg-Neo900houkime: incredible, awesome!02:37
Joerg-Neo900houkime: could you provide a few screenshots or even pdf layout printouts, to "publish"02:38
Joerg-Neo900nothing is more satisfying to interested community members than a picture02:40
ravelogreat news15:43
atkhoukime: please test15:55
atkI still need to make it run automatically when you post to it or on a timer15:56
atkhoukime: it lists the last 25 commits on your layout branch15:57
atk - it seems to be working15:58
atkseems like I got the insertions/deletions backwards15:59
atkI'm not sure why diffstats for binary objects say -> 016:10
atkbut I fixed the backwardsness16:11
atkprobably a bug somewhere in something16:11
atkat this point I don't think I care, that was already way more effort than I expected16:11
atknot least for the fact that it had to be ported to python2 because of various reasons16:12
atkhoukime: anyway, the command is ran on post-receive so if you get any errors pushing then contact me ASAP16:13
ravelostep by step towards finish16:14
atkravelo: if you want to get updates on houkime's progress with layout, you can subscribe to the rss feed16:15
atkin fact, I'm going to subscribe my remailer to it16:15
ravelok, will try16:16
houkimeatk: thx)16:32
houkimeJoerg-Neo900: about screenshots: How strict are non-disclosure reqs in this regard? Any screenshot is ok or there're some rules?16:33
houkimeI personally don't really mind even releasing files, so it's just the question about the threshold you're comfortable with.16:36
houkimea screensot with bb-xm area.
houkimeconnectors (except for the left usb and 2-pin) are fixed, edgecut may be adapted.18:01
houkimecamera adapter adapterboard long connector at the bottom might be moved (via adjuxting adapterboard geometry)18:02
houkimethis position is approximately how it is in v2.pdf but it obviously creates some trouble because it is basically anall-layer wall18:03
houkime* an all-layer18:04
houkimewhich limits usage of inter- fingeropening bridges forconnectivity18:05
Joerg-Neo900houkime: I think REing a layout from a screenshot is sufficiently impractical to serve as insurmountable hurdle for copycats21:09
Joerg-Neo900particularly when you use a lossy picture format like jpg21:10
Joerg-Neo900a pdf-embedded svg(?) or whatever would prolly be a poor idea21:11
Joerg-Neo900makes sense?21:14
houkimeok. Althugh i would say it all doesn't really matter until v321:15
Joerg-Neo900yeah, but we should start using it now, so we don't have the inevitable glitches on v3 when it starts to really matter21:16
Joerg-Neo900and LOWER is already supposed to be almost "final"21:16
Joerg-Neo900ideally s/almost //21:17
houkimeyep but it is useless on its own, and developing UPPER i probably more work than putting together simple xiaomi-like snapdragon things. that's what I'm saying.21:19
esbjerghokime: I noticed you are using susepaste - I would like to point your attention to https://hushfile.it21:21
esbjergand yes I know the people who coded/built it21:21
Joerg-Neo900bice, but overkill21:22
Joerg-Neo900nice even21:22
esbjergwhy overkill?21:23
Joerg-Neo900we don't need any encryption21:23
esbjergok - fair enough21:23
Joerg-Neo900my fav, alas only for text:21:27
Joerg-Neo900alias paste='nc 9999'21:29
Joerg-Neo900we got our own lil pseudo-pastebin facility on
Joerg-Neo900sorry, I'm tired, otherwise I'd tweak a few file ownerships and permsissons/ACLs to allow houkime to create and delete pwn files there21:34
esbjergahhh cccamp2015 - good times21:35
* esbjerg looking forward to bornhack 201821:36
Joerg-Neo900atk: would you feel like doing a lil fancy and create an account for houkime that only allows creating and deleting own stuff via scp or sftp on only? Plus maybe in $HOME21:36
atkI'll try my best21:37
Joerg-Neo900esbjerg: err what? link please!21:37
houkimeIt's not sth urgent till I do public documentation. Although probably it's about time to start doing that.21:38
esbjerglike ccc but way smaller21:39
esbjergcouple hundred people21:39
raveloany idea, what we could do in the mean time?21:40
atkJoerg-Neo900: I've made an account which can access /home /tmp and /srv/stuff/houkime21:58
atkJoerg-Neo900: do you want all of /srv/stuff or is just /srv/stuff/houkime good enough?21:58

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