libera/#neo900/ Friday, 2018-08-03

OksanaaIs there a way to limit length on an IRC message on a channel? So that spam-bots could fire off only one message at a time, instead of getting 3+ lines in before ban? Or is it a setting that only Freenode staff can apply, server-wide?02:40
craftyguyOksanaa: it seems some bots are quick enough to ban after the first line04:26
craftyguylooking at the last one (kinsmir3), messages were spaced 3-4 seconds apart, likely so they wouldn't trip any flood prevention rules04:27
craftyguynot sure why Donnager is so erratic04:27
Joerg-Neo900Oksanaa: no, there's no throttling option on ircd server04:58
ShadowJKbrolin_empey, isn't cloudflare's public dns server?15:13
ShadowJKor was that another "cute" IP?15:13
ShadowJKI remember cloudflare announced a competing server to google's beloved
sixwheeledbeast1.1.1.1 is cloudflare15:39
brolin_empeyShadowJK: sixwheeledbeast: Apparently does not answer a DNS query but does.19:30
sixwheeledbeastI didn't see the original message but, I don't believe is a DNS server.19:33

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