libera/#neo900/ Monday, 2019-07-08

Joerg-Neo900feel happy you don't have to resolve them dependencies manually, all 182MB ;-)14:20
Joerg-Neo900paul_boddie: werner doesn't care at all about upstreaming his great stuff, a pity. So odds are there won't be a update since werner does a "rolling release" (every single point in time the git has the latest release candidate) which is totally incompatible to all distro maintenance approaches I know of14:24
Joerg-Neo900distro maintainers regularly need a "hey, there's a new release candidate!" trigger poke which never happens for wpwrak stuff14:26
Joerg-Neo900I tried to convince Suse and Debian maintainers to rather do an auto-pull from eeshow and fped master for each new distro release. While I might have succeeded at suse for eeshow, I prolly failed for the rest since they "want to get such note from the original author"14:30
Joerg-Neo900I failed to convince werner to at least place a note to the effect "last git commit is release candidate, always" into both gits14:32
Joerg-Neo900it's embarrassing I got no better idea than to "fork" both git repos to a eeshow-ng and fped-ng and set those latter to up in a way so they simply pull from / sync to the parent daily. Then, whenever due (aka "always") tag the latest revision as "release candidate"14:51
Joerg-Neo900those latter tWo*14:52
Joerg-Neo900you might also need to add a release/revision number - ideally auto-generated from date of day when the new revision got pulled from parent14:54
Joerg-Neo900or... got pushed TO parent14:54
Joerg-Neo900I think parts of all that are in place already for eeshow and suse, since I have access to the eeshow git and a suse system and contact to maintainer14:56
Joerg-Neo900for fped situation is more intricate14:56
Joerg-Neo900not even the executables on parent git are up-to-date14:57
paul_boddieJoerg-Neo900: I will see what can be done, but a forked repository with tagged and signed releases may be what Debian needs.16:35
paul_boddieI did figure out the weird expectations of the uscan tool that Debian uses to find releases. And the tool can go directly to Git repositories.16:36
paul_boddieSo I can make it find a "0.1+20170511" version that is new. :-)16:37
paul_boddieBut from experience with making software that people want to package, I know that they really like signed archives.16:38

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