libera/#neo900/ Friday, 2019-07-26

houkimeesd-wise i will now replace ESDA6V1-5P6 esd protection on the display connector with SP7538P which we use on BOB22:03
houkimebecause placement and routing wise there is literally no way  ESDA6V1-SP6 will work22:04
houkimemetacollin did some related layout but the length of esd protection side traces is just ridiculous.22:04
houkimewhith such long stub traces leading to esd diode the protection is effectively near zero.22:05
houkimealso SP7538P has an order of magnitude lesser capacitance.22:09
houkimebreakdown voltage wise they are 6.1 V(old) versus 6.6V (new)22:11

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