libera/#neo900/ Saturday, 2019-08-31

OksanaDocScrutinizer05: If the cellular modem is a USB add-on to user's device, then surely, it can neither compromise whole device nor see user's all actions? At most, know user's location, and which servers user is exchanging data with, and when; but not contents of data itself (if it's encrypted with, say, SSL), and not user's off-line activities?02:19
OksanaJust, most of modern phones make cellular modem heavily integrated, instead of USB-attached.02:20
atkit would be nice to launch an investigation into this09:40
atkat least quallcomm's SOCs integrate it09:41
atkand share memory with the modem09:41
atkat least we can extrapolate that because they share memory with the WLAN module09:41
atkwhich is just as stupid09:41
atkas a series of recent CVEs prove09:41
atkthere must be at least some mainstream android phones which don't integrate it09:41
atkand I mean recent phones which can run a web browser at a decent pace09:42
brolin_empeyatk: Atom-based smartphones, such as the Asus ZenFone 2 from 2015?09:43
atkbut wait09:52
atkif it's x86 based, aren't there going to be compatibility issues with applications which compile some native stuff?09:52
brolin_empeyatk: I think that is only a problem if an application uses native code but only includes native code for ARM, not for x86.  Off hand, the only example of such an application I can name off hand is an unofficial port of Doom 3 to Android that uses NEON native code but did not include native code for x86.  I used Android 4.2 for x86 on a Geeksphone Revolution from when the Revolution was released early in 2014, forgot which month, until 2015 May or June and10:07
brolin_empeydo not remember finding anything else I wanted to use that did not work on Android on x86.10:07
Joerg-Neo900ssl going to expire in 8 days16:17

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