libera/#neo900/ Thursday, 2020-04-02

dal2Hello, I read the status message, thanks for the update17:00
dal2I'm a freelance writer in Seattle. Previously I've got good stuff into Salon, Vice, WhoWhatWhy, and others17:01
dal2Most recently I reported in person from Russiagate whistleblower Reality Winner's sentencing
dal2and Oxford Union censorship of a panel about whistleblowing
dal2Right now I'm putting together a freelance pitch to the mainstream/corporate media about open science (Sci-Hub, GetGee) vs. coronavirus, in terms of boots-on-the-ground tech activists17:02
dal2So I stopped by here to see if Neo900 was still going and interested in talking about how COVID-19 and closed science/medicine/tech is hurting their activism17:02
dal2Given the status update at , I'll ask instead, can anyone recommend tech activists I should get in touch with for the above described freelance pitch17:03
dal2I'm here in Seattle where the index case for the United States was, so I think commissioning editors will be interested in this.17:04
dal2Would help if the closed vs. open topic, had a specific tie-in to science/medicine/health for the activists. For example, 3d printing of medical personal protective equipment17:07
dal2afk for about 2 hours. In case my connection goes, my contact info is DAL@RISEUP.NET back in 2 hours17:07
dal2Looking for something like "This closed/proprietary standard/patent/thing is hurting our activism, if only it were open, we could do more re coronavirus/medicine/etc"17:08
enycdal2: iirc/afaict neo900 not going ahead17:14
enycdal2: hrrm will scrollback uerm17:45
enycbe good if announced properly no pages and so on17:46

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