libera/ Wednesday, 2018-12-05

Joerg-Neo900ugh, never noticed that. Maybe because on my client I use proportional font that renders any ascii art completely useless and garbled fubar01:57
Joerg-Neo900nah, can't even find any garbled stuff. Wonder where it vanished01:58
Joerg-Neo900ugh,, sounds like another network all together. not FN01:59
Joerg-Neo900if it was my call, I'd prefer to not have any ascii art anywhere02:00
Joerg-Neo900in FN it's a ban-able offense in most channels to post any ascii art. So maybe motd shouldn't do either02:01
Joerg-Neo900ooh wait, seems even FN has ascii art in motd02:06
Joerg-Neo900occasionally, on some of their servers02:07
Joerg-Neo900My point still stands02:07
Joerg-Neo900yeah, Kornbluth MOTD has:
cantelopeshould look right with a fixed width font02:17
cantelopehaving some kind of logo or branding in the server welcome text is a long standing IRC tradition. I don't care if we keep it or not, but if we decide to keep it it should be fixed. I'm seeing there's 1 missing char from the bottom line02:17
Joerg-Neo900sure, if there's any, it should at least look right02:17
cantelopeyou can use linux figlet to generate it02:18
Joerg-Neo900yeah, used that for my shell DMM :-D02:18
Joerg-Neo900readout of my KeySight DMM in a supposedly 280PT size02:19
Joerg-Neo900half screen height02:19
cantelope280pt! madness02:21
cantelopei think i know what's happening02:22
cantelopethe \\ on the bottom line is being interpreted as an escape char02:22
cantelopeso it will need \\\\02:23
cantelopethere are bound to be bugs to work out02:24
cantelopeare we getting close to launch tho?02:24
dan-yeah should be, prawn'd have better info on it tho02:32
dan-plugging away with docs, etc~02:33
dan-(gosh there's lots of docs to write up)02:33
cantelopehm. I was an English major briefly, before switching to computer science. if there's anything I can do...02:37
Joerg-Neo900eternal fame will be your reward :-) Seems there's not (or hardly) any such doc existing yet, despite woefully needed02:38
dan-aha eternal fame would definitely be cool~ yeah the docs have slipped for a fairly long while on irc proto stuff04:22
Joerg-Neo900are there chances to get those docs RFCed maybe?10:52
Joerg-Neo900dan-: ^^^10:53
dan-Joerg-Neo900: yeah we're working on it, i.e. this is the ctcp doc that grawity and I have written up. have to write changes to it, push those to the IETF and then get it re-submitted to the ISE for it to be taken forward:
dan-the current best bet for getting a new IRC RFC is the modern docs that I've been working on independently for the past couple years or so now:
Joerg-Neo900oh, that "horse" is yours? :-D10:56
dan-main thing with the modern docs is just that... writing up how IRC commands and numerics behave in the real world, and double-checking with real-world servers and clients, and all that sort of thing, takes a fair bit of time. enough that just doing it independently takes aaaages. the good thing about this is that we can cross-share all sorts of stuff (modern and defs stuff's helping me writing up the docs10:56
dan- too~):
Joerg-Neo900it's definitely the only IRC docs that I know of which are useful10:57
dan-aha yepyep, is all mine~10:57
dan-thanke, much appreciated. glad it's been useful10:57
dan-next main thing I wanna get on there is to have the ole' IRC dev mailing lists split out properly and put on there, have collected archives from a fair few sources but honestly it's really damn hard to just browse through them. wanna chuck 'em all online in a nice, browsable way and have a section where I can point to the really useful / interesting / influential posts (have thrown the source files up here:10:59
dan- )10:59
dan-got like a week into the project and then my old laptop died, took the scripts I was working on to assemble it with it. didn't lose any data at least, whoo uploading stuff10:59
Joerg-Neo900dang! bad luck11:01
dan-aha yeah, these days I commit stuff a fair bit more often to try and make sure. but yeah, intent is to eventually make a new RFC, this'll let me really nail down a lot of stuff I haven't had the time to investigate working on my own11:03
prawnsaladJoerg-Neo900 cantelope, yea theres a bug in the ircd motd reading causing certain chars to go funny. Sadie has that on their todo list11:42
prawnsaladalso, Joerg-Neo900, /is/ a different network than freenode. building up alongside the snoonet network11:43
prawnsaladwe should be launching more info on the website today hopefully, finally :o11:44

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