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TashtariDoes anyone know of an external fan controller with a driver in linux so you can use it with fancontrol?03:20
XenguyNever heard of it03:30
TwistedFatedoes devuan have live iso's?04:17
XenguyI bet fsmithred knows04:18
fsmithredTwistedFate, yes, devuan has a desktop-live and a minimal-live04:19
fsmithredgo to and you can see all the isos and images.04:20
* golinux can't believe that TwistedFate asked that question04:25
baimafeimahi does devuan come with a libre-kernel?10:51
baimafeimais it possible to run the guix package manager in devuan?10:52
gnarfacewhat's a libre kernel?10:54
gnarfaceit comes with the same kernels that debian does10:54
gnarfacei don't know about guix10:54
Digityoutube-dl needing update?  i'm noticing increasing failed yt vid plays.  n i get my ytdl from ceres... does cere's hang on sid's coat-tails?11:08
gnarfaceyes, ceres corresponds to sid11:10
Digitcorresponds, but, can be ahead, or has to wait for sid first?11:11
gnarfacethere's nothing ahead of sid11:11
gnarfacewell there's experimental but it doesn't count because it's not a complete distro11:12
Digitoh yeah.  i forgot about experimental.  used to use it in vsido (vastone's deb respin).11:13
gnarfaceso yes, effectively it has to "wait" for some sid packages to get rebuilt but for most the packages there isn't a wait because there isn't a need to rebuild11:13
KatolaZbaimafeima: the kernel shipped with Devuan is free of binary blobs already11:16
baimafeimaKatolaZ, I see, thanks11:35
baimafeimagnarface, I wonder if it's possible to run this "universal" package manager on Devuan and thereby increasing package availability11:36
Digithrm.  something's gone wrong for me i see now. shows youtube-dl-2018.09.10-1, but even after apt-get update, the newest i see on offer in apt/synaptic is now 2018.06.18-1.112:24
fsmithredDigit, 2018.09.10-1 is in ceres12:27
Digityep.  and so, why wont my ceres update to show it?  and how can i remedy that?12:28
Digittoo sleepy to figure out what i've done wrong (to my sources.list perhaps) such that the package list wont update.13:11
Digitone for the morning.  n_n13:11
fsmithredsorry, I was off reading other stuff. Digit use in sources.list.13:24
Digiti just sorted it this second as your nickping chimed.  n_n  just removed all entries n added just a plain gb ceres with main contrib non-free.  can see the 2018.09.10-1 youtube-dl now.  all shoudl be well.  :)13:25
Digitprobably would have been solved easier, without mention, if i'd not started on it already sleepy.  n_n13:26
fsmithredcomputing in your sleep can be dangerous14:57
fsmithredquestion for those who don't like dbus: Which is more detestable - dconf or gconf?14:58
ryuujinor the less detestable14:58
fsmithredeither way, I'm asking you to pick your poison15:00
fsmithredbackground: I'm upgrading my beowulf no-dbus install, and it wants to install dbus-x11 and dbus. One of the options that aptitude gives me is to replace dconf with gconf.15:01
dethadconf uses some binary format. gconf at least uses xml.15:03
dethanot much better, but at least readable15:03
ryuujinbut gconf is becoming obsolete15:03
fsmithredoh yeah, thanks for that reminder15:04
fsmithredwell, I already let it install gconf - it was the only way I could do a full upgrade and keep all my apps15:04
fsmithredwithout pinning dconf-service to ascii version15:05
ryuujindetha: i hate gvdb format too15:05
dethayeah. I wish there was something like the way postfix handles it: key-value stores are plaintext, with postmap to compile it into a binary for fast lookups.15:07
dethabinary corrupted? no problem, rebuild it.15:08
DocScrutinizer05gconf is a mess but at least a mess that's not too complictaed to understand and deal with19:27
* DocScrutinizer05 generally despises all registry-alike single-point-of-failure concepts19:29
HumpelstilzchenE: Release file for is expired (invalid since 1h 32min 29s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.20:04
KatolaZchecking all the mirrors now20:06
Humpelstilzchenthx, systemclock is correct btw20:07
KatolaZthey are all in sync20:07
KatolaZHumpelstilzchen: have you got the IP?20:07
KatolaZhold on20:07
KatolaZyou should not use in ASCII20:07
KatolaZonly deb.devuan.org20:07
KatolaZHumpelstilzchen: ^^^20:08
Humpelstilzchenwhatever the difference is between both20:08
KatolaZ* will be dismissed20:09
KatolaZit's put together by the original amprolla, and has several glitches20:09 is merged by amprolla320:09
KatolaZand actually has several mirrors behind20:10

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