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Centurion_Daneudev -3.2.7 is in experimental... anybody running ceres should give it a whirl and let me know how it goes.02:54
man_in_shackread that as "anyone who cares"02:56
Centurion_Danman_in_shack: yup..  do you care??03:04
man_in_shackobviously not :P03:14
XenguyRefreshingly honest at least03:19
man_in_shackglxinfo isn't showing my nvidia graphics libs :|04:17
gnarfacemake sure you have libgl1-nvidia-glx installed04:21
man_in_shacki have libgl1-nvidia-glvnd-glx installed04:22
man_in_shack"Failed to initialize the GLX module"04:28
man_in_shackbut it then loads later, and loads NV-* extensions04:29
man_in_shackok looks like there's a problem with my xorg.conf04:34
man_in_shackremoving it fixes it04:34
gnarfacehmm. maybe you were loading the wrong glx module? seems weird though...04:42
gnarfacei think i had problems with libgl1-nvidia-glvnd-glx04:42
gnarfacethat might be unrelated though04:42
gnarfacethere was a point where you had to choose between that one or the regular one and i had to change it back because that one broke something04:43
gnarfacei forget what exactly.  mabye it was just using mesa and killing framerates04:43
gnarfacemight have been a packaging mistake04:43
man_in_shackyah, there's some funky stuff going on04:55
man_in_shacknvidia-glvnd vs glvnd-nvidia04:55
man_in_shackone breaks the nvidia-driver package04:56
man_in_shackbut it's working now, that's the main thing. looks like there's nothing important in my xorg.conf04:57
man_in_shackno twinview config or anything04:57
man_in_shackvirtualbox is now happy04:58
crimson_kingI'm running Devuan ASCII with Xfce. When I close the laptop lid, my desktop as it was before locking shows up before the password prompt, leaking my running activities to anyone who opens it.12:44
gnarfacecrimson_king: are you using xscreensaver for locking?12:51
gnarfacei'm not sure what xfce uses12:51
gnarfacebut xscreensaver might do that if you leave "x damage" and "screenshot desktop" options checked (those might not be the exact names)12:52
gnarfaceotherwise i'm thinking it'd have to be related to the compositor, but afaik xfce doesn't have one12:52
skyroveRRHeya gnarface :)12:52
gnarfaceat least, not on by default.  you could be loading a 3rd party one that is the culprit12:52
gnarfacehey skyroveRR.  i eventually read your last message from the scrollback but you were gone again.  i don't remember what it was now.12:53
gnarfacei don't even remember if i told you that12:53
skyroveRRgnarface: I solved the problem. I hadn't compiled mesa and the dependent packages correctly. Hence I was having issues. I solved them now :)12:53
gnarfaceah i see.  well that's good to hear.12:54
skyroveRRIt's been quite a bit to bring up the distro using musl libc. A lot of challenges. But finally, I've got Xorg, and the GUI stuff going.12:54
crimson_kinggnarface, yes, xscreensaver12:56
crimson_kingi`ll check my settings12:56
crimson_kingxfce comes with composition disabled, if that's what you mean. But the compositor is Xfwm, right?12:57
gnarfacethe xscreensaver setting may be called "grab desktop images"12:58
gnarfacethere's some screensavers that generate an image by using a screenshot of the desktop12:59
gnarfaceyou can disable that and then those screensavers will just substitute a test image12:59
gnarfacegraphics drivers could be the culprit too, but i think i've seen xscreensaver actually do this myself before13:00
gnarfacewhere the last thing you see before you lock it is the first thing you see when you try to unlock it13:00
crimson_kingsorry, i disconnected for a moment13:00
gnarfacehang on13:01
crimson_kingi missed before ...where the last thing13:01
gnarfacemy scrollback >
crimson_kingThat setting is disabled13:02
gnarfaceand x-damage as well?13:02
gnarfacecrimson_king: does it also happen if you manually lock the screen before sleeping it?13:04
gnarfaceit might just be a limitation of xscreensaver.  i wonder if disabling slower screensavers could help13:04
gnarfacepeople complaining about it here
gnarfacei wonder also if there's an alternative screen locker that's faster13:05
gnarfaceor designed with security in mind13:05
amarsh04updated all the kde-related stuff on both my pc's13:05
amarsh04had a kdewallet issue on the other pc, so I exported the data under the older working kdewallet and will try to get things working again (mainly passwords used in chromium)13:07
gnarfacecrimson_king: i'm reading this thread more and someone else suggests trying xss-lock13:07
gnarfacecrimson_king: those guys seem to have pushed the blame upstream to xfce4-session, so maybe it's not xscreensaver's fault at all13:08
gnarfacethey're suggesting a fix to some acpi script that basically does what i said, forces xscreensaver to lock first THEN sleep13:10
gnarfaceit seems like the default install actually doesn't even call the lock until it wakes up13:11
gnarfaceostensibly this is so it can sleep faster13:11
gnarfacebut that seems to be insecure13:11
gnarfacesomeone did post a patch to the ubuntu bug tracker for it13:12
D_VitoHi. Anybody in here?18:25
D_VitoSomebody know a place where I can ge support or any help in here?18:26
fsmithredhere, but don't expect instant answers18:28
fsmithredask your question. If nobody replies right away, stay logged in and go do something else for a bit.18:29
D_VitoThank you. I just installed Devuan with xfce only, with cable internet connection. When I started the O.S. I got no network-manager icon. What can I do to cable connect? I have no dhcpcd...18:31
fsmithredif you chose xfce during the installation, then wicd should be there18:32
fsmithredor get a root terminal and run 'dhclient eth0'18:32
D_VitoThere are a lot of missing network-related programs, I don't know what to do :/18:32
fsmithreddid you choose a mirror during install?18:33
buZzD_Vito: there's no networkmanager on devuan,  there is wicd though18:33
D_VitoI did dhclient eth0. Then it showed a message  I dont remember now18:33
fsmithredn-m is available in the ropo, just not installed by default18:33
buZzfsmithred: oh? didnt realize n-m still works without lennartware18:34
fsmithredyeah, we have a devuanized version18:34
fsmithredD_Vito, which iso did you use for the install?18:35
D_VitoI have an Alfa interface, but not sure if Devuan will work with it, een if I try wicd18:35
buZzD_Vito: you can check ifconfig -a , to see if you got a wlan0 interface18:35
buZzi assume that alfa thingy is wireless?18:35
D_Vitofsmithred, I used amd64 dvd iso18:36
D_Vitoyes, alfa is wireless18:36
fsmithredand did you select a mirror or just install from the dvd?18:36
buZzD_Vito: the wireless interface wont be eth0 ;)18:36
D_VitoIt is Alfa awus036nh18:36
buZzbut you need to select access point first18:36
buZzwith wicd-gtk or something else18:36
D_Vitoyeah, it got a very strange name, but I also got no iwlist, or wi-fi related programs :/18:36
buZzweird, normally the installer installs those18:37
D_Vitofsmithred, I had a problem with mirror, so in installation it kinda juped this step18:37
D_VitoI don't if this is because I am in Brazil18:37
D_Vitobut I installed from a bootable usb drive18:38
fsmithredinstall net-tools wireless-tools wpasupplicant wicd18:39
D_Vitohow can I install without internet connection?18:40
fsmithredapt-get install blah...18:40
buZzplug in a ethernet cable :P18:40
fsmithredit shoujld ask you to put the dvd in18:40
fsmithredthose packages are in the dvd18:41
D_VitoWill it work? I dont have connection with the cable...18:41
D_Vitoping or any other server returns me nothing18:41
D_VitoOh, i got it18:41
D_Vitoall i have to do is choose the mount point of he pen in /media/cdrom18:42
D_Vitois it possible to do?18:42
D_VitoI tried it yesterday...18:42
D_VitoThank you guys, I will try at night!18:44
fsmithredD_Vito, I'm not sure. If you plug it in when it asks, does it find the usb?18:44
fsmithredif not, then you could make a symlink to it18:45
D_VitoI actually did not try plugging the usb, I just thought that it would not work since it asked for a dvd mounted in /media/cdrom and usb will mount in /dev/sdb18:46
fsmithredit'll mount under /media18:46
D_VitoYeah symlink may work18:46
fsmithredln -s /media/usb /media/cdrom18:46
fsmithredbut you might need to remove /media/cdrom first (if it exists)18:47
D_Vitophysically remove?18:47
fsmithredfirst try it and see if apt is smart enough18:48
fsmithredto find it18:48
D_Vitolol, ok18:48
fsmithredoh, I'll bet you could mount the iso file to /media/cdrom and get it to work18:50
xrogaanI hate systemd so much.18:51
xrogaanmate isn't compatible with elogind for some reason, because of course it's not.18:51
xrogaanwhy do we need yet another software that does the same job of all the other one before it?18:51
fsmithredxrogaan, what fails?18:51
KatolaZxrogaan: mate should work with elogind18:51
xrogaanand for some reason, (mate-screensaver:3268): GLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID 32 was not found when attempting to remove it18:52
KatolaZmate works with elogind18:52
xrogaankind of work to be exact.18:52
xrogaanI just came back from afk, and light locker didn't trigger once the screensaver removed itself (ususally does, but not this time)18:53
xrogaanmaybe it's lightdm that fucks things up.18:53
KatolaZthe reality is that all this session management business is just a bunch of cruft18:54
xrogaanSorry, I'm quite annoyed at all the BS surrounding systemd and the issues it generates.18:54
xrogaanAnd I'm absolutely pissed off by Mate, which inherited all the crap from old gnome. Like, you can't configure your screensaver properly. Because who's gonna maintain that tool, huh?! Why do we need another tool when the one from xscreensaver is *maintained* and *working*.18:56
xrogaanBut no, we need to have a special mate-screensaver will *less* functionality.18:56
buZzxrogaan: mate is a fork of gnome2 , so dont see why they wouldnt18:56
* xrogaan (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻18:57
xrogaanI'm gonna try cinnamon when I have the time.18:57
buZzmy window manager has zero screensaver awareness18:57
KatolaZmine as well18:57
buZznor do i even have a daemon for it running18:57
KatolaZend of story18:57
buZzi just execute slock when i want :)18:57
amesserxrogaan, replace mate with i318:57
xrogaanI just don't have the disk space to have both DE at the same time.18:57
buZzslock ftw18:57
KatolaZbuZz: <318:58
buZzfluxbox is much smaller than mate on your disk18:58
buZzso its a clear upgrade18:58
xrogaanand launch faster.18:59
D_Vitoyeah, systemd is really bad19:00
KatolaZthat's why we are here19:00
KatolaZinstall Devuan and live happy (hopefully)! :P19:00
xrogaanI just finished configuring urxvt19:01
xrogaanI'm that close to throw mate away, 'cause I still don't use their crappy mate-terminal (because of that nonsense:
nemoxrogaan: yeah, MATE maintained almost all the old gnome2 stuff, they did do things like replace the calculator with galculator19:05
nemoxrogaan: screensaver is probably not high on the list due to integration with other MATE stuff but you can ofc disable it and use the x one instead19:06
nemonot sure if it wins you much in terms of memory19:06
nemoonly feature you lose is "leave a message" which I have found to be legitimately useful about 0 times in the past couple of decades19:07
xrogaanI believe xscreensaver to not lock the tty or something like that19:07
buZzxscreensaver should be locking ctrl-alt-F1 away just fine19:08
nemoxrogaan: you can still ctrl-alt-f1 over to another tty with mate-screensaver?19:08
buZzits not on your setup?19:08
nemoor do you *want* that?19:08
xrogaanI've read something on that effect19:08
nemoI basically never do19:08
xrogaanright, there: `Warning: Only sflock, physlock, Cinnamon Screensaver, MATE Screensaver and GNOME Screensaver are able to block tty access. See Xorg#Block TTY access on how to manually block tty access.'19:08
nemook... well, it's never been setup that way on any install of mine19:09
xrogaanI don't remember why it's important to lock tty access though.19:09
nemodoesn't sound super useful to me either.19:09
nemokiosk maybe? dunno19:09
xrogaanthe archlinux wiki is also asking: "Why would you want to do this?"
fsmithredso someone can't log in while you're gone?19:10
buZzmaybe just dont login on tty if you dont want it open :P19:10
fsmithredalso good in case you leave yourself logged in on console, go back to desktop and forget19:11
xrogaanthere is the "away" command to lock tty btw19:11
nemofsmithred: I'm still finding it hard to understand what situation someone else could have an account on your machine and you would *not* want them to be able to log in on the tty19:12
xrogaanand you could configure selinux something something to timeout tty sessions.19:12
nemoanyway, nbd since I don't think anyone ever enables that feature19:12
xrogaanso this maybe?
xrogaanbut since x is started by lightdm, lightdm takes over as soon as X is killed right?19:14
nemoxrogaan: export TMOUT=120  if -z DISPLAY and -z SSH_CONNECTION ?19:15
nemoin your bashrc19:15
xrogaanbashrc hacks are kind of bad, same reason I don't export TERM=xterm-25619:23
YohkiiHey, I edited my 40-libinput.conf to have option tapping on, but how do I enable it?21:07
golinuxYohkii: Maybe you have to restart it?21:12

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