freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2019-01-01

pc----laptop-mode-tools is already the newest version (1.72-3).01:31
pc----I have devuan beowulf installed I have no battery status indicator, can't shutdown\reboot\hibernate01:31
pc----with devuan ascii I was able to out of the box01:31
sincere_foxHey guise, is steam installable on devuan?01:37
pc----i have it open right now lol01:41
pc----yeah that works well, devuan is debian without systemd by the way01:42
NerdTheThirdprotondb is a website, you should be able to open it no matter the distro ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)01:42
pc----i thought he wrote just proton01:42
pc----i didn't see the db part01:42
sincere_foxLol I meant proton indeed01:44
pc----just read the compatibility chart as "debian"01:45
sincere_foxIs that I remember reading a how to about a long process to install it01:45
pc-----for distro01:45
sincere_foxMaybe was early version or something01:46
pc----just install steam and launch the game as normal01:46
sincere_foxIs there an article on how is devuan made? Built? Starts on Debian and ends with devuan?01:48
pcanyone else running beowulf on a laptop?01:57
pc------(upower:18071): libupower-glib-WARNING **: 19:57:43.569: Couldn't enumerate devices: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 12701:58
pc------(upower:18071): UPower-WARNING **: 19:57:43.569: failed to enumerate: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 12701:58
pc------I think there's a typo in the package name and it should be exim4-daemon-light instead of exim4-light-daemon02:08
pc------not sure if it's your post02:08
sincere_foxgolinux: interesting read I just had, even some source, python is wonderfully readable02:18
sincere_foxBut it is still not that clear to me, devuan uses the same binaries for some packages?02:18
sincere_foxIs devuan ascii Debian 9.0 but without systemd?02:19
sincere_foxOr is it a new product like Ubuntu from Debian? I am not an expert02:19
gnarfacesincere_fox: devuan uses the same exact packages for most packages02:53
sincere_foxSame binaries?03:00
golinuxWe rebuild some packages to remove systemd and have spme priginal pkgs too03:02
golinuxsincere_fox: amroplla redirects to Debian repos and filters packages that would break Devuan03:03
golinuxand megres those with Devuan specific packages.03:03
golinuxsincere_fox: Hmm?03:07
sincere_foxI am reading what you said and processing it03:08
golinuxOK.  If you have any questions now would be the time.  I'll be afk for a short while then working on a project that will thoroughly distract me.03:09
sincere_foxBasically that's it, I always want to know how a Distro is build to know where I am putting my trust03:11
golinuxThis is a very old and somewhat outdated diagram
sincere_foxI mean , I want to know who builds and compiles the binaries, if it is automated or manually03:11
golinuxMost of them come directly from Debian.03:11
sincere_foxI see03:12
golinuxOn Devuan, pkg maintainers build their own pkgs.03:12
golinuxLots of eyes are on them.  We are very collaborative03:13
sincere_foxBut are there plans to change that?03:14
sincere_foxI mean for the packages to be build at the server?03:14
golinuxWe are even collaborating with Debian devs to improve and maintain sysvinit in Debian and foster init diversity upstream03:14
golinuxpackages are bui;lt on Devuan's infrastructure03:15
sincere_foxThen why you said maintainers build03:15
sincere_foxI mean afaik , ubuntu and fedora (for example) they upload src packages and03:16
sincere_foxTheir respectives build systems do the compilation an packaging03:17
sincere_foxThats what I was talking abour03:17
sincere_foxWhat does a mantainer submits then?03:18
golinuxand then either has access to start a build or someone does it for them03:19
golinuxWe don't accept random 3rd party packages or ppas03:19
golinuxWe run a very tight ship.03:20
sincere_foxThat's great03:21
golinuxWe are pretty much hardcore old school03:21
sincere_foxDoes Debian uses the same system? I read something different but maybe I misread03:21
golinuxI think our process is unique but compatible with Debian03:22
golinuxI'm not a packager.  I have different skillsets03:23
sincere_foxI mean, do Debian mantainer and developers upload binaries?03:23
sincere_foxTo the repo03:23
golinuxI think there are a few that do.  Former Debian devs for sure.  LOLOL!03:24
sincere_foxBy former you mean they're out?03:25
golinuxOr one foot in both worlds03:25
sincere_foxDevuan then trusts Debian binaries or ci.devuan rebuilds everything from source packages?03:26
sincere_foxI already saw the image put earlier03:27
golinuxWe are removing hard systemd dependencies and other "features" that limit user freedom.03:27
golinuxWe now use elogind for example03:28
golinuxAnd are rewriting a lot of the *kit session stuff to remove "tentacles"03:29
golinuxudev is another one.03:29
golinuxWe have eudev03:30
MinceRhere's a bullet dodged with eudev >>
golinuxThere is a treasure chest of stuff like that.  A lot of them are wontfix03:32
golinuxMinceR: Hope you have a good 2019!  Everyone else too of course03:33
MinceRsame to you too03:34
MinceRand to everyone else03:34
golinuxI'll bbl03:35
* golinux waves bye03:36
saptechHappy New Year... sudo kill -9 201804:15
XenguyHNY all04:19
Centurion_DanMinceR: that bullet is dodged due to not having systemd, and isn't udev specific at all.06:38
MinceRi thought they fucked something up in udev07:00
redrickParty like it's 2037!07:37
furrywolfbellbottoms and disco?07:39
MinceRsticks and stones07:39
pc------i installed ascii and upgraded to beowulf. if i want to restart or do pretty much anything with a binary i need to type /sbin/restart for example now instead of restart08:06
pc------not sure why this is happening for all binaries now08:06
pc------out of the box08:07
pc------root@devuan:/home/pc# restart bash: restart: command not found08:07
redrickMay I ask, how do you escalate to root?  'su -'?08:09
redrickSome ways to escalate to root privilege carry forward the existing user's environment, including the value of PATH.08:11
pc------i just type su and then enter my password08:11
pc------that's how i've always done it08:11
redrickISTR that if you do that instead of 'su -', you carry forward your existing user's environment.  PATH normally doesn't include /sbin for non-system users.08:12
pc------well i removed slim and installed lightdm not sure if that affects anything08:12
pc------pc@devuan:~$ su -Password: root@devuan:~# /sbin/restart -bash: /sbin/restart: No such file or directory08:13
pc------same behavior with su -08:13
redrickWhat is the return value of 'echo $PATH' in your root shell after doing 'su -'?08:14
redrickShould be something lie '/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11'.08:14
redrickHey, wait, I just noticed your specific error, sorry.08:15
pc------no worries08:15
pc------thanks for the help08:15
pc------everything is out of the box just so you know08:15
redrickThe shell claiming /sbin/restart doesn't exist any more is entirely a different thing.08:15
pc------process flow 1.) installed devuan ascii -> upgraded to beowulf -> removed slim -> installed lightdm that's pretty much it08:16
redrickWell, I'm just an old-school sysadmin, and don't even have a system in front of me like yours to compare.08:16
redrickYou had a look in /sbin ?08:16
pc------it's cool im running an unstable release so who knows08:16
pc------let me take a look08:17
pc------it's /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin08:17
redrickWell, the error gave the full path and still said no dice.  So, it's not $PATH.08:17
pc------yeah i've never seen this before on any debian\devuan release08:18
pc------dpkg -S /sbin/shutdownsysvinit-core: /sbin/shutdown08:19
pc------should i install sysvinit-core?08:21
pc------sounds like a package that should already be installed08:21
redrickYeah, I'm pretty sure you should.08:22
redrickYou've been using Upstart until this point?08:22
* redrick is still in 2018, but breaking out the mulled wine.08:23
pc------nah i'm literally just guessing here08:23
pc------reading stackoverflow posts08:23
pc------everything is a total reach i can't figure this issue out08:23
redrickWell, you already have sysvinit-core, then.08:24
redrickRunit is a different init system.08:25
pc------ah thanks08:25
redrickIt's pretty cool, but different.  I mention it in, which among other things describes init systems.08:26
pc------ah so there's upstart, sysvinit, runit, and systemd?08:27
redrickAnd others, but there are some overlapping categories involved.08:27
pc------noted thanks08:28
redrickRunit includes a service supervisor.  Not all init systems do.08:28
golinuxpc------: /usr and/usr/local are merged in beowulf08:28
golinuxUnless you do an expert install and decline the merge08:28
pc------why are they merged now?08:29
redrickLong long story.08:29
pc------is this a security issue?08:29
golinuxI didn't read all of the above so don't know if that's relevant08:29
pc------any TLDR?08:29
pc------oh systemd bs?08:29
redrickI can attempt tl;dr:, but I'm a bit biased against, so bear it in mind.08:30
golinuxNot exactly.  An opportunity to "modernize" your system08:30
pc------will this be "reversed" in the devuan beowulf stable release?08:30
golinuxYes.  I think I got it backwards.  Maybe youyou need to do the expert install to get the merge.08:31
golinuxThere's a mini iso you can play with where we tested that option in the installer.08:32
golinuxI'll find the link.08:32
redrickgolinux: You meant to say that /usr/bin and /bin are merged in Beowulf by default, right?  Or am I confused.08:32
pc------well all I know is I installed ascii upgraded to beowulf and they're now merged08:33
golinuxI think I got it backwards. Default will NOT be merged.08:33
golinuxWe're working on it. Hold on a sec08:33
redrickISTR that the merge is between /usr and the root fs.08:34
redrickEssentially depopulating /bin, /sbin, and /lib08:34
pc------hopefully theres a x64 version08:35
pc------or just install with the image and add x64 arch?08:36
pc------=] thank you08:36
golinuxTook me a while to find it.  Old and slow08:36
pc------hahaha np08:36
golinuxI'm still on 32bit so he did that for me.  ;)08:37
pc------i honestly thought by now debian would have an option to choose sysvinit or systemd08:38
golinuxNote that gksu is deprecated08:38
pc------even if they do at this point i'm not switching back my trust in them is gone08:38
golinuxThey do have that option already08:38
golinuxBut it is a bit o0f sleight of hand08:38
redrickDebian's best option to choose SysVInit is called 'Devuan'.  ;->08:38
golinuxBecause none od the systemd deps are removed so some packages won't work with sysvinit08:39
pc------noted thanks08:39
golinuxSo systemd again limits user freedom08:39
redrickThe specific pages that don't work are listed on my page in detail.08:40
redrickThat's as of Debian 8 'Jessie', but strech isn't really significantly different.08:40
golinuxThis kind of explains how it works:
pc------Depends on mate-polkit: gnome-system-tools, libmatepolkit-dev, mate-desktop-environment-core, mate-panel, mate-session-manager, mate-system-tools08:41
golinuxHold on08:42
pc------hopefully this mini.iso saves the day08:42
redrickJust to be very clear, my page is about _Debian_ without systemd.08:42
golinuxYes. And that's why sysvinit is neutered on Debian and it's derivatives like MX LInux08:43
golinuxWe do it differently08:44
golinuxWe remove the offending systemd hooks.08:44
golinuxpc------: You'll probably need these packages:
golinuxI installed it a few weeks ago and got all tied up in knots.08:45
golinuxYou might need to add ceres to your sources.list to get those packages if they haven't moved up to beowulf08:46
golinuxLet me go check.08:46
pc------let me give that a show now08:46
redrickHow's 2019 otherwise?08:48
golinuxdeb beowulf main08:48
golinuxdeb beowulf-security main08:48
golinuxdeb experimental main08:48
golinuxdeb ceres main08:48
pc------i'm only 2hrs and 48 minutes in good so far lol08:48
golinuxFU Sigyn08:49
golinuxEast coast>08:49
pc------ET yup08:50
golinuxpc------: Please ignore the graphic on the mini.iso.  I haven't gotten it themed yet.  Working on it08:50
pc------golinux: i changed my repo's and a boatload of packages are being installed hopefully for the better08:51
golinuxI got it working pretty well but haven't played with it in a few weeks.08:52
golinuxGot sidetracked08:52
golinuxSorry for ignoring you redrick.  A good new year to you!08:53
golinuxpc------: I'm headed back to git so hope things go well08:55
golinuxI might not notice if you ping me.08:55
pc------thank you!08:56
golinuxpc------: Thought I'd drop this before I head off.  Still a WIP though . . .
golinuxIt will end up somewhere in that neighborhood.09:01
golinuxguru-------: ^^^09:02
guru-------oh wow it's red for once09:02
golinuxRed seemed to be trending09:03
golinuxBeowulf = bloody times09:03
guru-------that's a nice change i like it09:03
guru-------the only thing i see wrong with it is the logo not standing out enough09:04
guru-------the shade of red is perfect09:04
redrickgolinux:  A happy and prosperous new year to you, too -- and maybe for me now that I share it.09:04
guru-------*dark red09:04
guru-------maybe on my desktop it will i had to load it via mobile phone09:05
golinuxLong life to redrick!!!09:05
* redrick is staying warm with mulled wine, very much the way to do it.09:05
obeardlyHappy New Year all!09:05
guru-------yeah it finally loaded on my desktop much better09:05
golinuxIt's subtle but bold at the same time09:05
golinuxobeardly: Same to you!!09:06
redrickExcellent work, indeed, having seen it in the making.09:06
golinuxFar from done09:06
guru-------whoever made the devuan logo did a great job i love the typeset09:06
golinuxIt is a uniquely created font09:06
guru-------yeah it's really nice the debian logo reminds me sega dreamcast, which isn't a good thing09:08
guru--------reminds me of09:09
golinuxThat's where we worked on it09:09
guru-------glad you didn't choose the one with the dots in the letter D09:10
golinuxIt was a process.  Looks like gitlab is no longer thumbnailing the images.09:11
guru-------you can really scale it down and have it look good at any resolution09:11
guru------------lets see if that fixed my problem09:28
golinuxGood luck!09:30
guru------------whoa everything appears to be back in working order i can restart, shutdown, and my battery % is visible now09:31
guru------------phew life is good, they're still merged, but i don't care my battery level is showing, i can restart\shutdown, and wicd is automatically initializing now09:39
guru------------thanks :)09:39
guru------------that was really bothering me09:39
guru------------i guess once beowulf goes stable i should adjust my repos accordingly09:40
golinuxYou didn't do the expert install?09:40
golinuxYou can't unmerge once it done.09:40
guru------------i read your forum post and changed my repos -> apt-get update & apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade09:40
golinuxYou'll have to reinstall.09:41
guru------------i'm okay with them being merged this is just for productivity09:41
guru-------------this laptop09:41
guru------------all my webservers are running devuan ascii still i wouldn't use a testing release obviously09:42
rootfatherhi folks11:22
amarsh04will see if the Linus git head kernel is ok on my other pc soon12:15
sincere_foxHey guise15:06
ravencrowsincere_fox, hi there gday how ya goin?15:08
sincere_foxNot so well15:08
ravencrowsincere_fox, sorry to here15:08
sincere_foxMy chest Hurts in the left side a little bit and left shoulder and near15:09
ravencrownot to good at all15:09
sincere_foxI went to urgency, but they did nothing at all15:09
ravencrowyeah not good at all15:09
sincere_fox'youre not in risk factor'15:10
sincere_fox'your age... Etc'15:10
ravencrowyeah im in a huge risk factor mate with an extremley painful nerve condition and 41 here15:10
role3Does anyone understands about keyboard layouts?16:11
role3I've not being able to make my setup work properly.16:11
gnarfacerole3: i think you want to run "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and "dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration"16:28
gnarface(install those packages first if you don't have them)16:28
role3gnarface: Thanks for the tip buddy, but it didn't work.16:48
gnarfacehmmm, sorry16:49
gnarfaceyou had both packages installed, right?16:49
gnarfacerole3_: you had both packages installed, right?  it didn't give you some error about no such package?16:50
role3_no errors.16:50
role3_Yeah, they were installed.16:52
uniqueNameerm hello? anyone here?17:01
djphuniqueName: maybe?17:02
uniqeNameactually, I'm still here.17:13
uniqeNameerm... if my question was answered, I didn't see, because of internet problems. Sorry.17:14
djphuniqeName: only question i saw you asking was "anyone here"17:26
uniqeNameah. ok. must have been eaten by  the wifi.17:27
uniqeNamemy question was wether or not to move from devuan ascii to beowulf.17:27
uniqeNameon the one hand, it has more up to date software.17:28
gnarfaceuniqeName: if you need to ask, the answer is no.  if you need something specific to be newer, check for it in ascii-backports17:28
uniqeNameis there any reason not to other than it not being stable yet?17:29
gnarfaceit's a flaming wreck?17:29
gnarfaceit's not finished.17:29
uniqeNameSoo... to unstable?17:30
gnarfacewell, the packages in stable have had all their security updates, fyi.  so don't upgrade just to have newer stuff.17:30
gnarfaceand in general i'd advise against running unstable, though at the moment it's in better shape than beowoulf17:31
uniqeNamesomething based on sid is considered stable?17:31
gnarfaceif you need a newer kernel or video drivers for Steam compatibility, try the ones in ascii-backports first17:32
gnarfacestuff that is in ascii-backports is mostly from sid17:33
gnarfacebut compiled against stable so they won't cause problems17:33
uniqeNamehow do I tell apt search to look in backports?17:33
gnarfaceadd the flag "-t ascii-backports" to the command-line17:33
gnarface(make sure it's in the sources.list first of course)17:34
gnarfacethe instructions for debian are the same on this matter, except for the URL17:34
uniqeNamestrange. nothing new comes up for `apt search -t ascii-backports openshot`17:36
uniqeName(I'd like a more up-to-date version than 1.4)17:37
Jjp137that particular package doesn't have a backports version17:37
uniqeNameother than going the gentoo or windows route, how could I obtain a more recent version? 1.4 is ancient.17:39
sincere_foxWhat's wrong with compiling it(I spoke by myself)17:41
uniqueName_sorry, web problems again. did I miss anything?17:45
uniqeNameaand more web problems. seriously?17:48
sincere_foxI didn't know the web client was that unstable17:48
uniqueName_and again. It's not the webapp, it's the wifi.17:50
gnarfaceuniqueName_: someone posed the question to you "what's wrong with compiling it?"17:52
uniqueName_ah yes. I'd replied, but the wifi went.17:52
uniqueName_here it is again:17:52
gnarfaceif it's not in backports, the accepted next step would be to backport it yourself17:52
uniqueName_I'd prefer to keep the executables on the path, and the path the same between shells, so either a new config file to clutter my homedir or copying the programs to ~/bin and losing track of what is from where.17:55
uniqueName_Also, I have no idea how to backport something.17:55
gnarfaceuniqueName_: the instructions for that haven't changed since debian either17:59
golinuxuniqueName_: pkginfo.devuan.org18:42
uniqueNamewifi issues again (also a meal). anything that I missed?18:49
uniqueNameI have found this , but I can't find a dsc link at
gnarfaceuniqueName: i think you just want to "apt-get -t beowulf source openshot"18:53
gnarfacethat will download the source package and extract it and run all the patches and get it ready for building18:53
gnarface(the dsc file is in there with all that junk)18:53
uniqueNameE: The value 'beowulf' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources18:54
gnarfaceand of course it wouldnt' be becasue you hadn't added the 'deb-src' line for it to your /etc/apt/sources.list18:54
gnarfaceyou gotta do that then run "apt-get update"18:55
gnarface(to flush the cache)18:55
uniqueNameso... I only add the deb-src? makes sense I guess.18:55
gnarfaceyea, if you're only getting source packages you only need the deb-src line.  safer that way.18:55
gnarfacedon't remove the others either18:55
gnarfacethe ascii ones18:56
uniqueNameand only beowulf? no beowulf-security or updates?18:56
gnarfaceyea, afaik only beowulf18:56
golinuxuniqueName_: pkginfo.devuan.org18:56
uniqueNamestill getting the same error18:59
gnarfacewhat error?19:01
gnarfaceoh, you forgot to run "apt-get update" after changing your source.list (not to be confused with "apt-get upgrade")19:02
gnarface'sup Zinky?  state your problem19:05
ZinkyI've installed devuan ascii with MATE but then decided that I would rather use xfce instead19:05
gnarfacethere's no shame in that19:06
Zinkyso with xfce, synaptic won't launch from the menu I think because it does not have root privileges19:06
ZinkyI also can't remember how to fix it :[19:07
golinuxZinky ascii?19:07
gnarfacehmmm.  tricky.  go into the release notes and fine the thing about pairing login managers with their respective permissions libraries.  if you're lucky you have just a mismatch19:07
gnarfacethere's a known issue19:07
golinuxI had to use gksu until it was deprecated in beowulf.19:07
gnarfaceoh hmmm. yes it could be a missing package like that, too19:08
gnarfacei think there were a couple options19:08
golinuxIt is a kinown issue that synaptic doesn't work from system menu.19:09
golinuxI always use a launcher in the panel19:09
gnarfacei think it worked if Xorg was launched suid root, but that's no longer the default so you need extra parts19:10
ZinkyIf I install gksu, will it work?19:12
gnarfacebut you'll get a password prompt19:12
Zinkythat's fine, in fact it's possibly how it ought to be19:13
Zinkyoh, gksu is already installed. How do I tie it to the xfce menu?19:15
gnarfacei think it just does19:15
gnarfacei think the menu is smart enough to use it19:15
gnarfacei doubt you even have to restart19:15
Zinkywell I already have it, and the menu doesn't prompt for or open anything19:16
gnarfacedpkg-reconfigure menu19:16
gnarfaceor just try logging in and out of Xorg19:16
gnarfacethe daemon may have to actually restart19:16
gnarfaceor it could be package triggers that didn't fire...19:16
ZinkyI've logged in and out a couple times without anything happening19:16
gnarfacei'm not actually using any of that here, so i can't tell you off the top of my head what is still wrong19:17
gnarfacei think it should have worked...19:17
gnarfacedo you have consolekit or elogind installed?19:17
Zinkyyeah they're both there19:18
gnarfacei think you only want consolekit in your case19:19
gnarfacethey could be interfering with each other i guess19:19
gnarfacei don't understand it clearly19:19
gnarfaceplease read the release notes19:19
gnarfaceat least that section of it19:19
gnarfaceyou ran those dpkg-reconfigure commands as root, right?19:22
ZinkyI did dpkg-reconfigure menu19:23
Zinkyit didn't seem to do anything19:23
ZinkyI could revisit the problem some other time I guess19:23
golinuxUse a launcher19:23
golinuxin the panel:  gksu synaptic  or from a terminal19:24
Zinkythat works fairly straightforward19:26
Zinkyly*. How come the menu works in MATE but not in xfce?19:26
gnarfaceit should work...19:27
gnarfacesome package wasn't cleanly reconfigured or something like that19:27
gnarfacei suspect, anyway19:28
Zinkyalllright, is there anything I should do drivers wise? I'm on AMD mobility hardware19:28
gnarfaceyou may want their non-free firmware package19:29
ZinkyI think I'll just grab a bunch of proprietary ones...19:29
gnarfacei forget the exact name of it19:29
golinuxenable non-free in the sources.list19:29
gnarfacegetting mesa and the kernel from backports may also help with GL performance19:29
Zinkyhey there's a folder called systemd and there's stuff in it19:37
Zinkyahh fair enough19:39
Zinkywhere is sources.list kept?19:40
Jjp137in /etc/apt19:40
Zinkythx very much ^_^19:40
Zinkydoes playonlinux work on ascii?19:50
Mithrandir__Hi all20:51
Mithrandir__can I install snapd on devuan beowulf? If I can, how?20:51
Mithrandir__ops, mistake, snapd on devuan ascii20:52
golinuxIt's a banned package so not available in Devuan20:57
golinuxMithrandir__: ^^^20:58
Mithrandir__ok... I'd need a newer libreoffice version20:58
golinuxTry backports20:58
Mithrandir__could be20:58
golinuxDevuan not directly Debians20:58
Mithrandir__thx golinux21:02
Mithrandir__so I could ativate backports, install libreoffice and comment backports in sources.list21:04
pitrissyou don't need to comment out backports repo21:04
pitrissit shouldn't be used for another than packages form such repo21:05
pitrissto use it you need to use apt-get -t ascii-backports install ...21:05
Mithrandir__ok, understood, good21:05
role3Anybody has any idea on how to configure the proper keyboard layout?21:35
role3It works inside a virtual machine.21:36
gnarfacecan you describe your problem more clearly?21:46
gnarfaceneed details about what's actually wrong21:46
role3I have a Dell Inspiron laptop, with a portuguese keyboard. The system defaults are in english, since that's the mostly used language. Occasionally I make use of the portuguese layout, to take advantage of the dead keys for accents. The issue is, although the layout maps the keys properly, it doesn't recognizes them as being dead keys, instantly typing the character.21:52
gnarfacei'm not sure what's going on exactly.  i'm not even sure the VM is doing it right.21:54
gnarfacebut maybe there's just some other package you need to run dpkg-reconfigure on21:54
role3It works flawlessly in the virtual OS.21:55
gnarfaceoh, you mean the VM isn't even running Devuan?21:56
gnarfaceoh hmm21:56
role3The VM was runnig Devuan, over this Devuan.21:56
gnarfacei just thought of something... dpkg-reconfigure is subject to debconf priority.  if you have the priority wrong, you might not even get the right questions21:57
gnarfacewell, anyway, stay around for a while.  someone is bound to know what's going on eventually.21:58
gnarfacei really thought it was just locales and keyboard-configuration that you have to reconfigure, but i could be wrong21:59
role3At this points, I have no idea anymore.22:00
sincere_foxsetxkbmap br ?22:00
role3Already did that, didn't work.22:02
role3I also edited the /etc/default/keyboard and then rebooted, logged out.22:02

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