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XenguyQuestion:  has anyone tried installing the Riot DEB (a client for using Matrix) for Debian/Ubuntu on Devuan?00:51
gnarfacethis sounds familiar.  i think someone has asked before.  can't remember who though.00:58
Xenguygnarface: Somebody set up a Matrix room (or w/e it's called), and I thought I might give it a whirl, but there's no native client packaged for Devuan01:01
gnarfacedo they have a source package for it?01:02
XenguyThere is the URL I posted above and then there is this:
XenguyWhich doesn't seem to useful at first glance...01:04
XenguySo short answer is 'no', it seems01:04
gnarfaceXenguy: oh... build instructions start with "npm...", this is javascript shit01:21
gnarfacemaybe that means it will work on devuan as long as you have whatever version of node.js they expect01:22
gnarface(they probably are using whatever ubuntu tracks, which would be what debian unstable tracks, rather than debian stable, which for something like node.js is too old the moment it's released)01:22
gnarfacei remember having to address with something similar by backporting node.js myself.  man that was a mess01:23
Xenguygnarface: Thanks for mentioning that, as I have no wish to try to build such a client in that case02:06
roo^yi've been having a look at my experimental distro's boot partition. I don't think it uses Grub, as it has refind.conf **it also has refind.conf.example < - that has all the command options detailed, for rEFInd, which will probably boot devuan on my mele pcg35 opo14:57
roo^yTrueOS is a version of bsd that also uses rEFInd. midnightbsd has a uefi.img for usb sticks. "NomadBSD is a 64-bit live system for USB flash drives" I haven't tried bsd yet. i may have to soon, b4 there's too many to choose from!15:01
roo^yi web searched 'iso rEFInd USB'. i like to think this may come in handy for another n00b like me, if a basic dd install isn't enough, for a fussy system to boot15:07
fsmithredI've used by rEFInd usb a few times15:08
fsmithredmost of the time I can get grub to cooperate, but it may take some coaxing.15:08
roo^yi'm running easy pyro from a 32GB USB. it has seamonkey browser & xine media player, which are probably the main culprits for making the CPU go haywire (possibly use up the memory), freezing the PC every 2 days (or everyday). i like to think i can go back to a stable OS, especially when i have a SSD. might need to get some screws to hold it in place15:19
roo^y*introduction to my 1st 64bit PC has been rocky :D15:20
fsmithredI haven't used xine in years.15:20
fsmithred64 or 32 shouldn't make any difference15:20
fsmithredIf possible, try mpv instead of xine. It seems to heat up my laptop less than vlc does. Don't know about xine.15:21
roo^yi've only used xine for the best part of a month. sometimes it plays vids a bit glitchy, other times alright15:22
roo^ythx, i'll make a note of mpv (just searched it, encase it was an abbreviation of something i already knew). I'd been using a puppylinus with gnome media player15:26
roo^yheh, i name-dropped mr linux s/puppylinus/puppylinux/15:27
roo^y..turns out i have been using bsd, as technically the 2nd hand phone i've been using has freebsd-based iOS :P15:55
fsmithredmaybe longer than you think - windows has bsd code in it (at least I know it used to have it.)15:56
roo^ymacOS does, as long with a number of gaming consoles (all 'proprietary' bsd)15:59
MinceRall proprietary "BSD"16:00
AchyllesI installed bsdgames on devuan, but there is no wtf command-line that I want.16:27
Achylleswhy? Is this version too old?16:27
Achylleson debian I get it...16:28
KatolaZAchylles: ?16:30
KatolaZdo you have /usr/games in your path?16:31
AchyllesKatolaZ, I see. thx16:43
ewlThe installer in the livecd versions screwed up the installation of grub. I managed to get everything working by going back in with the install media, chrooting into the installation  and reinstalling grub and running "update-grub". But I suspect a beginner would be very frustrated and intimidated. You should warn them away from installing via16:59
ewlthe livecd17:00
fsmithredewl, what's your setup? uefi or bios?17:00
furrywolfor, rather than warning them, figure out what happened and fix it...  What didn't work?17:00
ewlbios, I have an x200 with libreboot and a t400 thinkpads17:01
fsmithredinstaller should have asked if you want to copy grub package files and install bootloader17:01
fsmithredoh, graphical or cli installer?17:01
ewlI'm not sure what didn't happen but grub.cfg never got written to /boot/grub in both instances.17:02
ewlcli in one, graphical in the other.17:02
ewlNo, it was the script that comes with the livecd17:02
fsmithredit is a confusing situation - grub-efi is installed...17:02
fsmithredwhich livecd? desktop or minimal?17:03
ewldesktop xfce417:03
fsmithredthe live isos come only with refractainstaller. No debian-installer on those.17:03
fsmithredso to finish my statement about confusion...17:03
ewlyes refractainstaller.17:03
fsmithredonly one grub can be installed at a time17:03
fsmithredthe installer copies the live system to hard drive17:04
ewlBut it didn't install grub correctly.17:04
fsmithredit usually does - should have installed the grub-pc package and you should have gotten the package's debconf dialog asking you where to put the bootloader17:05
fsmithredthat's the expected behavior17:05
fsmithredif you have occasion to try it again, please run 'refractainstaller -d' or for gui, 'refractainstaller-yad -d'17:05
fsmithredand save me the debug log17:05
ewlWell I got the unexpected behavior twice on two different machines. If I were a beginner, I'd be looking at an alternative os17:05
ewlI just clicked on the desktop icon.17:06
ewlI installed ascii. Anyway, everything's running great since I fixed it.17:07
fsmithredI've never played with libreboot, so I don't know if that could be related to the problem.17:08
ewlI was actually able to log in with libreboot, after a page of error messages. Something to do with libreboot's close relationship with grub. I don't know about such things. But It worked without the error messages after I fixed it. The t400 just dumped me into the grub command line.17:12
ewlI'm a distro hopper. Next time I do it I'll use the netinst installer.17:15
nemoSay... mate-power-manager 1.21.x doesn't seem to be in beowulf or ceres - I guess that's an upstream debian problem?18:39
nemoI wanted to see if by any chance 1.21.x fixes the broken upower integration18:39
fsmithreddoesn't seem to be in buster or sid, either18:53
golinuxI think that AntoFox may have it in but I also vaguely remember a problem with it and that it was pulled.18:55
nemo  I think this is issue I've been encountering18:56
nemoeven in ascii18:56
Bjornncan someone possible recommend a page that would help me trouble shoot my ethernet connection? I'm stuck in a loop where it says its connecting for a few seconds and then doesn't21:58
nemoBjornn: stuck in a *loop* ?21:59
nemoBjornn: or just really really slow startup ?21:59
Bjornnwell, it doesn't actually loop, it just doesn't connect, and I try to connect by clicking the icon22:01
Bjornnmessage is 'connecting... '22:01
Bjornnand then back to showing that it is disconnected22:01
nemoBjornn: wicd?22:06
Bjornnyes, it is wicd22:06
nemoBjornn: welp. doesn't ring a bell, but sounds like some sort of network error.  I guess could start by doublechecking you picked sensible values when setting up the network22:07
nemoBjornn: and hunt for logs.  dmesg etc22:07
nemoBjornn: wifi right22:07
Bjornnyeah, dmesg sounds good. thanks nemo22:07
nemo /var/log/wicd seems to be where it keeps its log22:08
nemoBjornn: I guess another option is trying another client ofc22:08
nemoon my SO's machine I restored the MATE one since she was simply more familiar with it22:08
nemonetworkmanager that is22:08

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